A reward: focus on small and medium-sized enterprise consulting “charging zhihu”, the main dry + networking community, has won 10 million angels

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there are 3500 enterprises in China, but the real training, consulting, hire a consultant of less than 300, less than 10%. Private consultants is almost zero. But in the professional growth of the road have expert advisers to escort for you and the enterprise is every entrepreneur’s expectations. A reward team told cloud network exclusive hunting, has won the angel funding of 10 million yuan.

a professional in the field of reward by vertical q&a into online consulting, business operators to provide problem solving solutions, is committed to build the most valuable business share and connections to the community. A reward for all the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, all experts are strictly determined by inviting after entering a reward system, use their fragment time service most valuable user. Users can browse and learning experts and their ideas and make big coffee companies, to form a mental help and connections of the docking platform.

in the beta, a reward has been greatly extended the expert reserves on the platform, with the operation successful, happy AnHan Witt, mercer, hay, acs, CLS, the lecturer nets, brokerage, mentor middle school, Peking University, training magazine, torch flame hengtong mainstream science and technology training, consultancy, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, share resource of the experts and consultants.

a reward to the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs after charge an annual fee, unlimited browsing on a watch the higher-ups to exchange information, can also be associated with higher-ups point of interaction, and problems etc. Entrepreneur if you feel a certain experts trustworthy, can be directly ask an expert, entrepreneurs need to pay the cost of q&a price depends on the experts set themselves up. When experts set prices, the system will remind the corresponding price will receive a monthly salary of about how much value is for pricing reference. In addition, in the process of interaction, if ask entrepreneurs want to answer, can also instant hit. Public area users can also at the end, the one-on-one q&a to supplement or learning,

as for the user can skip a reward platform, meet privately agreed, said a reward is very confident. As long as entrepreneurs a launch meeting, customer service can be the first time know the contact information and confirm. They won’t skip a reward to meet privately because charging for entrepreneurs are already low, to do so is not worth; For experts, the risk is big, also will not easily accept the provisions of conventions. Therefore a reward membership core is easy to stick to go on.

founder Xia Jinyu previously responsible for the management curriculum research and development, is also a management lecturer, deep contact with a lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, found that these entrepreneurs love of learning, innovative, dare to action, investment study of thousands every year, or even hundreds of thousands of. And is the biggest pain points in the training industry, professor or ground, or the teacher big spent a large amount of money that often brings little effect, can not really solve the problem of individuation. A reward expect to play this role, to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to screen their idea of the management experts, established companies, let them get more timely, more better service.

a reward team is rooted in the industry for many years experienced team. CEO Xia Jinyu served as the nation’s largest entrepreneurial management action into education training organization Shanghai co., LTD., vice President of research and development of traditional enterprise executives with 8 years, 3 years management consulting, five years’ experience in training management. CTO Liu Jiangceng served as hangzhou cloud chain network manager of research and development, Shanghai together jump technology partners, has eight years of experience in research and development of the Internet, 6 years team management experience. COO Jie xu for veteran Internet, director of the original 9 d network platform, the shenzhou figure types COO, royal ding culture partners, the Internet has 12 years, 3 years experience in mobile Internet operations.

question-and-answer APP and website domain, abroad have site, knew by domestic. Differs from all sorts of problems on zhihu, a reward to focus on the management consulting industry vertical niche, make professional its biggest differentiation properties.

unlike free question-and-answer community, a charging mode was introduced from the start. This in guaranteeing the answer contents of professional at the same time, also be a reward to retain some good a way of the guest, and ask a solution, a value is a core value. Wise geek when replying to questions put to some entrepreneurs, depending on the degree of satisfaction to answer, can from the hand of the questioner range value of direct income, can even receive the questioner sending virtual gifts. This is a kind of spirit to encourage, also can be a real cash material rewards.

a reward by online also provide solutions – online through the online help, rooted in the mobile phone the “wisdom of guest fast answer”; offline by invited experts afternoon tea, realizes the offline landing a enjoy lunch. A enjoy lunch program consulting is a reward make O2O attempt on the function, the entrepreneurs can be gained through the online auction business big curry lunch time, so as to further communication face to face with higher-ups.

it is understood that a reward APP in the android and apple system version published a few days ago, the current product version has been updated to 1.6, with vies to answer first, instant messaging, instant reward, lunch reservation system, etc. Products continue to improve and continue to develop the function of the customer requirements. Xia Jinyu tell hunting cloud network, a reward, the next step is to partition the strict definition of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, experts and companies, the future development of network function, let the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can better docking talent. A reward in the future will continue to produce valuable content can learn, to the masses, thumb up, added to answer. Business people are facing the Chinese value is very high, the future natural towards more accurate business community network communication.

financing, a reward team told cloud network exclusive hunting, now angel financing $10 million. A reward of large shareholder action success education co., LTD., Shanghai has accumulated more than 130000 small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, 1.28 million students, on January 28, 2015 to become China’s first listed on the “new three board” enterprise management education institutions, it is also a powerful support for a reward.

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