A lazy cat laundry: play good laundry O2O, washing quality is king, wash the bad rate should be pay attention to

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

a lazy cat laundry belongs to hangzhou and au laundry co., LTD., affiliated to and investment group, and union investment group is a import and export trade, clothing, chemical and other fields, including traditional laundry industry, represented in accordance with the er SaLianSuo investment group (it is also one of the hangzhou bank shareholders). In 2013, under the background of mobile Internet high-speed development, and the union group began to think about the possibility of march to the mobile Internet market and looking for the right place to start. After the market investigation and research, found that through the mobile Internet laundry O2O prospect is promising. So the team decided to enter the laundry O2O market, in the same year in October, and au laundry. Early directly using traditional brand “Aries holy”, then, for the sake of convenient to spread to a lazy cat washing. “The image of a lazy cat more accord with our audience positioning, languid is lazy but the cat loves clean, it is a reflection of today’s young people, and is likely to cause like cats animals. We hope that we can begin with the brand name, resonate with users. A lazy cat laundry, co-founder of f. o. &boli-bennett lady so expounded the meaning of “a lazy cat”.

laundry O2O currently has three models, one is the direct cooperation with suppliers, only provide platform service mode of “light”, such as bubble washing, I’m going to the laundry and prepare to develop the market of domestic service platform e home clean. Second, self-built logistics, has its own factory mode of “heavy”, currently USES of this pattern is more, including dry cleaning guest, lazy at home, aunt help, e bag to wash and laundry a lazy cat. 3 it is combined with pattern, in flute washing washing upstream link with local washing contract cooperation; Downstream link self-built warehousing system and logistics distribution system, garment guards are using self-built regional agents in the central laundry factory + + the operation mode of motion.

a lazy cat laundry take “heavy” mode, supporting the central washing factory, self-built logistics system, installed in community self-help wardrobe. Cabinet is not all installation, it is too expensive, is now a lazy cat washing and postal, Courier intelligent tank suppliers such as easy to achieve cooperation, can use their pick up container, a total of more than 3000. A lot of laundry O2O market competing goods now, and do door-to-door service has natural advantages Meituan also started to provide laundry service, another giant jingdong also itching, in such a market environment, service quality is a magic weapon runoff of each platform. Use heavy pattern, thus are f. o. &boli-bennett, in order to ensure the quality of washing, give users the best service experience. F. o. &boli-bennett, said the traditional entity laundry is divided into three types: (1) the individual store, cannot assure quality completely, even there are many stores in order to save the cost of never use dry cleaners. (2) its franchisees, and output equipment and technical training, but it is still a fragmented, cannot consider the quality of every store. (3) retail chain, have laundry factories, is able to control the quality and supervision process, scientific and advanced laundry equipment can reduce false positives. So lazy cat laundry choice directly, and O2O mode will let users more convenient.

a lazy cat laundry currently only be born in hangzhou, with app and micro public letter number two mobile platform. Users in the cell phone up and down, there will be a “housekeeper” from door, and then sent to the central factory washing, a lazy cat back to the clothing or in the self-service laundry promised 72 hours in the wardrobe, special clothing may extend 1-2 days. There is also a change in terms of price, a lazy cat laundry. Total draw three price, summer wear 9 yuan, the spring and autumn outfit 19 yuan, winter 29 yuan. F. o. &boli-bennett, said all the simplified in order to better service for the user, the price of this division is more concise and clear, the customer choice clothing classification also more convenient. Moreover, the price is the market price of the 7-7.5 fold, more discount. At present due to the backend is not up to par, lazy cat laundry services has not yet officially opened to wash shoes.

because laundry O2O geographical problems of the industry, and very fierce market competition environment, a lazy cat did not stand out the market share accounted for the laundry now. For such a situation, f. o. &boli-bennett said don’t worry about it. First of all, the industry has just started, the original market is less, the growth is fast. Actually in laundry industry, compared with the traditional laundry, O2O share less than 1%, so the market share is actually divided into it now. Now the industry is still in the stage of the user’s consumption habits. Second, we want a lazy cat laundry based on longer-term goals, so pay attention to the quality of service, in no hurry to expand. Clothes to wash bad rate, for example, according to industry standards is to control in a few percent, and a lazy cat inside per thousand. The compensation of value compensation standard is 100% according to the clothes, and do not calculate depreciation rate is higher than the industry standard. A lazy cat wants to always uphold the let laundry service benefit all people via the Internet.

a lazy cat laundry since April 2014 commissioning, enrollment has 560 thousand, in March this year after the launch of the app, very fast growth, downloaded more than 20000, usage in line with micro letter. A lazy cat next plan is to hope in June to complete the pre – A round of funding, the second half of the year in four cities in zhejiang province expansion. And the more distant vision, it is to build a can provide factory matching processing capacity and the large base of conveying apparatus of talent cultivation, service for whole laundry O2O industry.