A draw a lesson from the market, subversion, express delivery industry pattern of entrepreneurs

from: Forbes China

CityLink was one of the UK’s largest package delivery company, it is the timing of the collapse is bad enough; Bankruptcy administrator on Christmas Eve in 2014, then, on Christmas day, the company declared bankruptcy. An anonymous consortium bid for at the last minute, but because of its bid “underestimated the value of the company”, and “no bid deposit”, and therefore was rejected, this means that the City Link of all 2727 employees out of work.

which is based in coventry city, the company was founded in 1969. In April 2013, private equity investment guru Jon Moulton (Jon Moulton) for the price of just one pound its acquisition, and 40 million pounds, trying to reverse the company’s performance, but ended in failure. Before the coming year, the company closed the last 51 warehouse. For everyone who participated in the express delivery business, it is a sobering lesson. And for consumers, it’s a nightmare. The company collapsed, there are more than 1 million packages still waiting for delivery. But, the hit, I’m afraid I still belong to those who still disillusioned. They thought that, big firms, like City Link will certainly find a “white knight” consortium will it come back from the brink of bankruptcy, and purely because of its “too big to fail”. Do you remember that? It does not apply to the 2008 banking, now it is still not applicable.

a man was watching with great interest the development. He is Daniel lee pinsky (Daniel Lipinski). The pinsky was once a marketing expert, then set up a subversive express startups – ParcelBright.com. For him, this is a seminal moment. He is a digital, the preacher has dreams of looking for a chance to overturn an industry, take the challenge of the weak may deter.

Daniel in a start-up company called Keynoir started his professional career. The name of the company with a hint of banter, it similar to that of quinoa “quinoa” in English pronunciation, the grain became popular recently, and quickly became the most popular British dinner ingredients. The group-buying Keynoir provide members with a high grade product of coupons, its founder phil Wilkinson (PhilWilkinson) in Kelkoo as CEO. Kelkoo is a price comparison website, which was established in 1999, France, in 2004, with 450 million euro price sold to yahoo, then yahoo in 2008 will be sold to private equity firm Jamplant.

Daniel knew that he was able to find a job in Keynoir, is a lucky thing, because technology start-ups into London is not an easy thing, but for some people, this kind of thing will never happen to me. It didn’t take long, however, Daniel finds himself targeted by a headhunter, headhunting company to persuade him to join group company, it was one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies. The company by providing a weekend spa resort, catering, entertainment, leisure activities such as trade, held a dominant position in the leisure market, so they decided to set up at, and assist the come on, Daniel.

Daniel did well in the new position, but he quickly jumped ship. This time, he joined a incubator – Just Add Red. Karen is the founder of the east (Karen Hanton), she had created a restaurant reservation platform Top Table, only recently to nearly $55 million will be the platform to Open Table sold to the competition. Obviously, in the eyes of some well-connected entrepreneurs, Daniel is a nation! Daniel in Karen’s team is responsible for running all kinds of commercial operation of the project, one of the most impressive projects for Pet s Pajamas, but he decided to leave soon, it may also be a corollary.

in order to do this, Daniel decided to visit the Forward Partners. The e-commerce startup incubator added a big success, spawned a startup – Forward Labs. The company by Neil Hutchinson (Neil Hutchinson), headquartered in London, England Camden, specialized in advertising and marketing market arbitrage. Hutchinson’s another company U – the Switch is the one of the largest and fastest growing price comparison website. ForwardPartners investment spin-off is unique, because it will invest for entrepreneurs to provide the deposit, the premise is seeking to invest enough entrepreneurs can provide a powerful business case.

ParcelBright are born in this way. Daniel observation after all kinds of old market model, began to focus on the logistics market, in order to solve the problem, the lingering make full use of the explosive growth of electronic commerce. ParcelBright for e-commerce enterprises to provide a world-class package delivery solution that USES the resource aggregation and technology, to ensure that provide customers with preferential price, and to ensure the fastest service business.

for many disruptive start-up, is key to the success of the software. ParcelBright API can be seamlessly integrated e-commerce platform and saves valuable time enterprise, enabling them to focus on their core business, at the same time ParcelBright will handle all of their package delivery requirements. Is the biggest victory so far, the company attracted the UK’s largest electronic pawnbroker to join the pawnbroker throughout the UK with over 240 branches.