A domestic Galgame of life and death


a teenager Jiang Chenghai once on the computer played a game called “the heartbeat memories”. The heartbeat memories is undergraduate music beauty company produces love games. This kind of game called Galgame (game) is a beautiful girl, Galgame are usually involved in romantic, love or adventure. In general, in Galgame, you are a man without the past, very little basis set, have no face, no parent or parents. You have to do is to make a choice, and then into the story of one character, as the plot driven by love, and the role of women in love is to show the plot or the love story itself.

Jiang Chenghai didn’t think he would one day make a Galgame.

was born in chengdu, long Jiang Chenghai in Shanghai at present is in charge of the game development company of the sea to swim. The he grew up to learn computer software engineering background is a gamer, 08 senior do when graduation design, the side of the students choose to make traditional software, Jiang Chenghai chose to make games. Finally with a background of warcraft turn-based RPG game got outstanding graduation design of one of the excellence rate was only 1%. Senior Jiang Chenghai also plan to test a driver’s license, when the money is made, the results haven’t been to, because he was admitted to jinshan’s studio – Shanghai to the male. Start to do a 3 dmmorpg end the execution of the plan.

2012 Jiang Chenghai quit his job and decided to start a business. Because he thought the original company is not big, and don’t like to work, a desperate decided to go out. Because its like game, oneself is also a game industry practitioners, have relevant experience and contacts, Jiang Chenghai with the colleagues of the company and know a friend on the Internet three men hit it off, the sea tour was born in 2013.

a plan, an art, a program. The original three teams began the first mobile phone game game “stolen sister space”. This is a writing class AVG game and a Galgame. Choose to be a Galgame nature associated with the personal circumstances of Jiang Chenghai, on the other hand, the domestic similar games less, and circle the number of large domestic housing, there are quite a potential market. “This type of game players average age is small the second is more introverted, and some women also like to play, we this is the game of bubble sister” Jiang Chenghai said.

the kunju sister space “is a guide otaku how to younger sister’s words. Players through repeated practice and learning in the game, will unlock more game plot and mini games. “We do steal sister space purpose is to help otaku to find the real sister, we simulated the dating scene and date, in the dream anything is possible So I find the more science fiction a background into the dream.”

in terms of gameplay, “stolen sister space” is not no different with the traditional Galgame, have love game several elements: 1. Liking system (charm value system) 2. The available strategy of multiple 3. The heroine in the form of a love plot to push. Players according to the choice of different story and the ending. But the traditional Galgame usually computer games, usually a longer game process. The thief sister space according to the characteristics of the mobile phone games made the corresponding adjustment. “The first difference is that we are not a complete story, playing half need to archive, play don’t know where the next time. We according to different design for a heroine and her date related to the plot, very short, 3-5 minutes to end. The second plot because we are separate so I can play a few download several packages will not be huge. Third, we use the more popular VIP system players not prepaid phone can also play is not a traditional plot a fee or charge for we feel interesting game players can be extended according to oneself circumstance to spend some money on other functions.”

the stolen sister space online download 300000 for three months, two official thousand once packed crowd. Trip to the sea and 4399 there is a depth of cooperation. Recommend the stolen sister space placed for a long time in place. In the late of the sea to swim and Shanghai development of the IP license – “stolen the girl’s dormitory sister space”.

“stolen sister space” in the plot, has done adequately, script writing funny way, and closely combining with current event hot spot, extremely fit the target audience needs. But in the fine arts has a certain lack of quality and quantity. 2014 “net net operation” has certain influence on the game. “There is no platform would like to recommend our products. Modified scale demands. These changes affect the progress, the more influence the turnover rate. Actually the game is not pornography, just comes with some scales slightly larger CG images.”

the stolen sister space operation has come to an end, now still can download to a large market. Cumulative downloads is about 500000.


Jiang Chenghai and his game of the sea at present in the development of a new tour, hand not galgame this time, this is a war chess & amp; Defense & amp; Strategy class casual games, Jiang Chenghai innovation of the game in play, it is difficult to categorize, is unique. At present, the game DEMO research work has been completed.

when it comes to feelings, in the process of entrepreneurship Jiang Chenghai impression deepest is a matter of good brothers, because home is likely to leave a period of time. “I think this thing is should change development progress, need to take commercial course, speed up the development, let everybody become prosperous first”.

Jiang Chenghai team a total of six people, now he is responsible for planning, three procedures, two art. He is going to find ten people.

sea tour are seeking financing for new projects.