A doctor announced A $10 million round of funding, China capital investment

mobile medical new announced “A call doctor” completed A round of funding, for $10 million, the China capital brought the cast, the plum blossom investors of venture capital and angel round Tang Yue with pitch.

a call the doctor was founded in July 2014, belonging to a call (Beijing) e-commerce co., LTD. Typical application scenario is “diagnosis after consultation”. Refers to after check-ups, was discharged after treatment of two groups, to sweep through code to build relationships with doctors, and through a doctor services platform, access based on the mobile end rehabilitation advisory and extension services.

a call the doctor, founder and CEO Ma Haiping said: “after a call the doctor focused on clinical areas, will effectively improve the doctor’s working efficiency through the mobile platform, and significantly improve the treatment experience of patients and reduce the time cost. We are creating a belongs to the era of mobile friendly, high viscosity of the new type of doctor-patient relationship.”

Xiong Weiming

China capital partners, said: “we highly value mobile medical industry, we hope our investment can help a doctor rapid development, and become the largest domestic mobile medical field service vision, reach tens of millions of users and promote industry change.”

at present, around the Internet medical vc is entering the acceleration phase. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, $15.5 billion in venture capital, the domestic Internet medical class occupies more than $1.4 billion.