A business, a fall, all the way to learn

cloud network hunting note: “light” is a lightweight reading blogs, to advocate a more suitable person for the mobile Internet era “scanning” reading; Its founder, is the leading IT blog “maybe”, the initiator of zen, is also a geek sponsors and CEO of the park. The light single team has recently been dissolved. From the dynamic in the circle of friends to recruit business partners, the team is disbanded, lasted more than 10 months. On the way business what’s going on? The founder of the “light” gives the answer.

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in the past half a month, went a friend asked me, “light” to shut down? In most cases, I reply a smiling face.

as more and more friends come to “greetings”, even a small letter group is talking about the light single is about to die, and appear all sorts of gossip, be inferior to me status.

the article and bring a good news and bad news, the good news is that the light will not shut down, it will continue to run in the form of donations. The bad news is that light single team has recently been dissolved.

business partners from grandeur in the circle of friends, the team is disbanded, lasted more than 10 months. The 10 months are so many things can be summarized, the entrepreneurs, there are too many faults can be summarized. If you want to summarize, sum up only one point:

your ability is insufficient.

entrepreneurship can meet kinds of problems, all can be summarized to this point. Product direction is wrong, is their own lack of experience, there is no right; Operational data is not good, is also his own ability is insufficient; Not enough complementary between founder, is also your performance ability is insufficient.

so, blame, blame others, blame the environment various other objects are meaningless, all the problems, the root cause must be the founder of the lack of ability. So, entrepreneurship is knowing yourself to let oneself become more powerful. I thank my friends, they trust me, and together with me in the direction of the structured content struggle nearly one year. Similarly, I also very grateful to my investors, in my first time to give my full trust.

light the purpose of the single building, is wants to promote structured content, make the writing more concise, let fragmentation time reading more efficient. From writing “maybe” to act as their CEO of geek park, during the period of doing media, I always believe that good content, not only to the content itself is good, it also should have let people read the properties of fast, namely has the “scan”. Our team thinks, listing, is a kind of more suitable for the mobile Internet in the form of reading and communication. Because in most cases, the content of the structured, can save the time of reading and to scan the text, reading pleasure, so as to improve people the absorbance of the content.

we believe structured content has its living space, perhaps is the wrong time, maybe we did too much is not good enough, we didn’t get more investment support, light single team is unable to continue to maintain, there are many reasons for this, it is difficult to a bright, also don’t want to do too much explanation, but I think I made the most appropriate decision.

a few days ago, a client’s product manager misun said, “I will be in her spare time, will the Android client do it”, I said a sentence “thank you”, and then she said, “I also have a”, when actually I almost cried.

when hear little achievements classmate say, “the next venture remember to call me again”, no matter it is more true than false, can represent the love between the team and moving. This also made me feel ashamed, this time without lead, the product to do better.

I will rest for a period of time, and then set off again, I believe that a failure of entrepreneurial experience will make me better, other friends too. Perhaps in recuperation after a period of time, I can share more experience, the hope can help the business or are the people on the road.

light single can’t shut down, I will continue to maintain this product with my own funds. If you intend to send light single donor, you can click here to read the original open the donation page.

bless the people who are in the road, and the future of yourself.

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