A book can also achievement of a company, do you believe that?

hunting cloud network reported on May 9 In this book, its core is the scientific experiment of methodology. This book introduces how to apply idea to lean in the process of innovation of entrepreneurship. I would recommend this book because it’s really useful in this.

published in The Lean Startup of The book before 4 years, I still natural and unrestrained as a successor. But I know I shouldn’t be in this narrow space will be closed for two years, and I hope I can publish a book to repay my readers and meet their needs. After all, I’m interested in is not ecstasy, just want to let the readers to pay to buy them, I hope I can share what I wish is to give their ideas can really work in practical application.

so I finally decided to release on Kickstarter for my test.

the company gives me a chance to my previous research of startups and cooperation of the customer for further testing. In observation I have development tools and course in how to serve big or small company, I got a hand feel. But when I am not there, the company just to see how these ideas into concrete practice experiment.

Kickstarter is known in the industry as the guidance of the “leader”, it includes my work applied to the course project, development tools, and the enterprise. I believe it is valuable for everyone, everyone will be the introduction of Lean Startup to interested within their organization.

I will be released it on Kickstarter because he can let me direct dialogue with sponsor, so I can put my own sum up experience in test results. I was also in the development of a private social area, here the company sponsors can continue to share with me their stories and feedback. Even after a long time, they can also discuss with each other to read the book of thoughts and some concrete actions into practice.

to me, this book is not only a simple sense of the product, it is also important step on the road I experiment. For the Lean Startup (Lean Startup) this noun, “the leadership of the leadership” is surely will directly promote the MVP (” the most viable products “), or directly from the customer to get the experience of how to start. We can think of it as an early experiment or test the market research side. MVP can simply considered market resources, or the instruction booklet, you can even regard it as the guidance of “leadership”, sometimes it can early as actual product.

I think it sounds more like a market research, but in fact the MVP is very different in a number of important ways:

1, it often can provide some useful thing for the customer. (in this respect, “The Leader ‘s Guide” is an absolute sincerity of book, it’s argument is based on a full four years of interviews and research.)

2, it does not ask what customers need. It is a book designed for behavior measurement experiment, rather than an interview.

3, it aims to develop a kind of and potential customers to the concept of “value exchange”, we will have some important things to do business, not only limited to the money, time, space and other scarce resources, etc.

some visionary people often think that “the customer doesn’t actually know what they really need”, the idea is not wrong! Focus on groups of cluster and the old are of not much use market research, it will not tell you that your customers will choose in the future. This is why the experiment method is so controversial. By estimating your customers will choose the real world in the future, we can test out the relative to the reality of vision and it is concluded that which is the real work. And Kickstarter is a kind of excellent platform for experimental service for this.

if your thoughts are on track, so has the financing project will be a practical and effective.

and you have to believe, even if no financing is successful, it doesn’t mean failure. It does mean you should be liable for your product or marketing strategy to make a slight adjustment.

if you are an entrepreneur or any form of a guest, you should ask yourself, how to utilize the Kickstarter platform for their services, not just for pure personal project financing, but as you use your ideas in the field of the center to create an independent development is an important step in the business. Chances are, you are committed to the project is only a small portion of your long career. You how to use these provide the financing cash to start a new community will be the next big idea with you closely associated, even a lot to do with after next.

I thrilled when reporting the project: for me, it will be a new release projects. How about in the developed successfully in the 21st century publishing a book, I hope this can convey a lot of useful experience.

at the same time I am Kickstarter this kind of platform development prospect is good, it can give the chance of entrepreneurs to provide a public beta, at the same time it also can help us in accordance with the idea to create their own community, so that you can let everybody through each product manufacturing process. This vision is priceless, it change very quickly and very low cost.

any future one day, I will to teach and to go on.