A bed clothes: want to integrate home textile industry chain of home textile electric business platform

May 18 (word/yan-mei wu)


home textile market segmentation in our country, promote the brand of personalized and differentiated, not only can meet the different needs of different age, different level consumer groups, can also reduce the risk of a single brand failure. At the same time as the Internet and the continuous extension of home textile industry of interactive, home textile market will appear a centralized electric business platform. The bed clothes began to integrate first.

bed electricity of clothing is a home textile industry chain. Headquartered in Shanghai, branch is located in nantong, jiangsu province. By connecting buyers and home textile producers in the world, get rid of the sales of the intermediate links, saving cost to expand sales channels, the goal is to plan as a whole household textile design, development, testing, and sales, make home textile designer communication and launch platform and intelligent home textile products brand, finally integrate home textile industrial chain.

website internal launch in April 2105, the current user guide as the breakthrough point, a second line to have design feeling integrating domestic brands to join and products, join and come to bed before garment team will strict review on products and franchisees. Franchisees before joining must want to have a complete production chain and the business license, including warehousing and transport chain. Bed of garment is responsible for the early stage of the product audit and branding, and popularization, etc. Currently team is also in the absorption of textile design and color, and product designers, provide a platform for communication and new product launch. Bed of dress of CEO Cheney said bed is the biggest killer in the future to build smart home textile brands. He said, with intelligent household life demand is growing, the smart home Internet service and operation has become a new hot spot. The scale of 2015 years intelligent household market will reach more than 1000 one hundred million yuan. With the maturity of the IT and Internet technology, smart home from dream into reality. The industry generally believe that in 2015, is the first year of smart home, the field will in the next few years is rare development opportunity.

it is reported that the national home textile market basically has the scale of seven hundred billion to eight hundred billion, and the largest proportion of luo lai textile is very small. Whether it’s online sales channel or offline traditional home textile market leading enterprises, no online sales market at the same time, in addition to some big electric business platform such as taobao day cat jingdong centrally involved in selling, very few other large-scale home textile platform. But the integrated electric business platform of home textile brands unable to verify the quality of the fabric and sales too scattered cause difficulties on the road home textile online propulsion. Of bed clothes want to rely on the geographical advantage, take market team concept and advantages, brand establishing and development for textile industry, the goal is to make home textile industry of “beauty”.

the geographical advantage: team will rely on the huge market jiangsu region, nantong, jiangsu province and zhejiang area of fabric market, product market first in the nation’s largest home textile market consolidation, so whether it’s for the exploration of traditional home textile market or audit cost are relatively concentrated and representative. Group review process including license to apply for the audit of the products are sold, specific audit need to offline.

team advantage: founder & amp; CEO Cheney, graduated from Beijing university, who have served in the sea before equity trading center original institutions and derivatives business headquarters, fly it department headquarters, huawei research institute, etc., to jia jia (transliteration), bed clothes COO, graduated from China university of geosciences, familiar with Tmall electric business platform operation, such as experience founded the company. Founder, Cheney said, with finance, IT, home textile industry such as the combination of the background of the team is one of the largest advantages, they can use the Internet thinking thinking, with the idea of home textile products, with the financial thinking to run.

advantage of concept: the future enterprise want to in on intelligence industry, intelligent home textile brands. Now is setting up its own team for product development. Cheney said the product in a large platform to integrate a huge traffic entrance, no matter for consumers and the businesses are a win-win situation. At the same time for their own platform, to create smart home of the late brand is the accumulation of resources.

when it comes to the future planning, Cheney said the clothing in the future will be opened for the bed offline store experience, but most likely do 3 d experience pavilion and experience pavilion of smart home textile products, at the same time, the late for a series of home textile products, such as washing cleaning and repairing washing O2O added. Create high quality home textile brand at the same time, meet the demand of diversification of user, make the whole industrial chain.

easy home textile, home textile, said China’s home textile network is bed clothes in home textile industry of competing goods, have a lot of work to do on the integration of industrial chain, China textile network resource accumulation in series production industry is very deep, and easy home textile and home textile said also obvious advantages on information and data accumulation. Of bed clothes on the data accumulation and market development have a long way to go. Of bed clothes on the Internet in the field of electricity is the most important competition goal is Tmall taobao, jingdong these industry electric daqo, because product positioning in the early or do vertical large electrical contractor in the field of home textile.

at present, the bed clothing plans to launch the pre – A round of millions of financing, the promotion of the product is mainly used in the future will be and the assessment system of building and for the development of smart products.