90% of the YouTube video, Vidooly want to do SEO for the author

note: hunting cloud if a new video uploaded to YouTube, will soon be submerged in the numerous information, how to let the author fast access to a large number of users, produce added value is the Indian start-ups Vidooly of things to do. The translation of the following is a quick carp manuscript:

Vidooly is a start-up companies from India’s video analysis, the company announced today that they received $1 million in seed round of financing, the investor for the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). The funding will be used to get the user for the company in the global scope, and continue to product development work.

Vidooly want to solve, is a lot of video producers felt headache problem: they spend a lot of experience to make a high quality video content, but has found it is very difficult for these content to find a large audience.

now YouTube in searches, just behind Google. Every minute, there are more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded to the platform. In such a mass of video content, however, only a few can be widespread audience. Data show that in all the YouTube video, 90% of the content in the uploading of the first month, was browsing number less than 10000 times.

Vidooly for video makers and offers a marketing analysis, they can use this product to get the most viewed, increasing the number of audience, thus improve the video revenues. In addition to advice and the best time to upload video tag automatically, the software can also provide other services, such as search ranking analysis, rival track, and the subscriber behavior analysis, etc.

Vidooly so far only 7 months, their clients include some of the content business, brand and multi-channel networks. The company said that so far they have added 2000 channels, such as Bollywood Hungama, Glamrs and India Food Network, etc. Just last month, there are about a dozen video are uploaded to the Internet through Vidooly network. In the same period, their big data engine for 500 million video is analyzed.

the company’s co-founder Nishant Radia, said: “we established in India, and now we are also looking at the Middle East and southeast Asia market, we need to finish the global expansion with the help of these two places.”

in addition to the Radia, several other co-founder of the company include responsible for the technical work Subrat Kar, product manager Jabong and Ajay Mishra.

Vidooly is BVP for the second time in the field of video tool investment. After they have been investing VidYard video marketing and sales platform, vice President of BVP digital Goel said: “the video is becoming a major form content in today’s world of the Internet. Of all the data traffic, video occupies approximately 60%, video analysis product can bring more intelligent video makers work.”