72 hours: monitoring the secret file transfer, burn after reading technology, the control file gaiden

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the mobile Internet era is an era of sharing more and more, U disk, mobile hard disk already cannot satisfy the requirement of data storage and transmission, and office through rapid WeChat or SMS file sharing secrets to colleagues, clients, friends demand are everywhere. but share of demand, is always accompanied by the concerns of the information disclosure. Today cloud network to introduce a product, hunting is aimed at the office (72 hours, to ensure the safety of confidential documents at ease of transport.

foreign Snapchat belongs to “burn after reading class APP”, to “upload pictures, and will disappear within 10 seconds after reading” as the characteristics of successful $123 million yuan investment, and triggered a burn after reading software to market. At home, and there are already nearly 20 burn after reading class APP, including the “click” “bubble” letter “x” “Fifi”, etc., including big companies such as sina, anyone, alibaba. The software without exception, use the “burn after reading” the technique, and USES the new form, such as “click” the photo wall, “dare to chat” adventures in truth, such as reading class “FM” reading on the screen left article disappear forever. Burn after reading will be more and more into people’s eyes. On the thinking of burn after reading, “72 hours” App on the path of the secret file sharing tools.

“72 hours” is a confidential file sharing tools, users can through the micro letter and SMS, to share with their colleagues, clients and friends Office, WPS or PDF, TXT, Markdown, PNG, JPG format images, documents, such as transmission encryption, and document can only be read after he arrived, cannot copy or gaiden. Documents can be more in the longest will automatically be destroyed within 72 hours, or set to “burn after reading”, the user can even destroy “remote control” file .

in the whole process of sharing, users can even refer to the length you choose someone automatically. Can choose to “burn after reading” 10 seconds sharing mode, recycling share permissions at any time, make the process of information sharing more independently controllable. In addition, also provides a reference for “90 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour” of a variety of other options.

sharing and privacy is how to achieve? Play the developers, in fact is not complicated – we do to file encryption, decryption reading with their reader, reading forced networking check permissions, file the default 72 expiration in childhood, and of course more details in it.

in addition, the the sender can also receive notice to each other to read the document and screenshots operation, who can know when the file is opened to read or a screenshot of the notification, monitoring the operation situation of confidential documents, in order to take corresponding measures to the greatest extent to protect trade secrets. If found gaiden phenomenon, hair thing that the user can through the “remote control” destruction of documents in a timely manner.

according to the developers, whether the documents within 72 hours, or transmission of documents and files in the server, all encrypted processing, can not be directly open. “72 hours” will also share a secret perfectly, such as: user will think to join screen watermark “deterrent”, allows for file comments and interaction, etc., in the future version will incorporate user feedback, user-centered increase the corresponding function.

the CEO Wu Lu and convective cloud network, said: “we are currently considering, is the first to pull users – find the vertical industry experts, to let them see the 72 hours of their value. If you can meet the demand of this group of users to share, their driving effects will be very strong – they send information, others want to read, this communication will be more healthy.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, 72 hours is affiliated with shenzhen dacheng information technology co., LTD., products all over the world, the company was established in January 2005, investors including tencent (A wheel) and enlightenment (angels) stars, they committed to become the international first-class terminal and data security product developers. Company provide mature product is iron roll of electronic document security system and super patrol malware defense system, the terminal (including mobile phones), security, network security, virus and Trojan guard, researches, such as the protection of intellectual property rights have technical advantages, also provide monitoring solution “sharp eye”, etc.

the CEO Wu Lu, dacheng, founder of the science and technology, has nearly 20 years of experience, information security ten years experience in data prevent leak (DLP). Familiar with information security industry, familiar with the mobile Internet industry, understand the terminal security, security defense, Internet security, operations security, and other fields. 1998 employed in information security, security organization XFOCUS members focus (security), 2000-2005 at the domestic professional information security company green unita, ignition stars. Established since 2005, and huang xin (ice) dacheng, mainly provide enterprise terminal protection, sensitive information leak prevention products. During the startup company project “super patrol” buyout by baidu, “the little white software housekeeping buyout by taobao.

the company employees called: “the best company ever met.” Technology advantage: the company boss, respect for employees, work fewer but better, relaxed and exercise, niche market advantages, the prospect is good, can adjust their working time, driven by the boss go out for a walk every afternoon. … (gee, really bad)

as for the problems in the development, from the point of product itself, 72 hours attribute or partial tools, tools and products is the use of relatively low frequency, the cohesive enough; From the external cause is the policy regulation, encryption transmission, cap reading, burn after reading, these keywords is a double-edged sword.

Wu Lu and convective cloud network said: “security is a pit, social networking is a pit, 72 hours on the edge of the safety and social, is it fall into a pit or to go out, at present we can only say: product release is just the beginning.”