58 home platform upgrade: access to a third party, several vertical company investment

cloud network Beijing station on April 21, hunting news

today, 58 home 2.0 platform, announced officially launched from a single service provider category means official home into a one-stop service “integration”, by proprietary monorail pattern into “proprietary + platform” double-track mode.

the CEO xiao-hua Chen said in a news briefing spot, 58 home will uphold the “customer first, the striver for this” core values, through the standardization of one-stop services to upgrade the quality of life of users, improve the state of the user’s life, improve workers’ skills for income and through professional training, make the workers more with dignity and sense of belonging. Efforts to achieve “the user experience standardized and unified, one-stop service” concept.

now 58 home in addition to the original home economics, nail, speed, the three largest service category will also have access to the massage, beauty makeup, month sister-in-law, car washing and other services, the future will also invest more niche 58 home. Xiao-hua Chen said, 58 home will be in five months, let’s nail “home”, “house cleaning” and “moving speed” three categories to be the first in the industry.

xiao-hua Chen also said: “the cooperation situation is completely open, 58 got home training school, money, etc may help we will open the resources of the partners, 58 home will also invest more niche. In the future, we will also devote their years more than 50 million dollars to support access platform, the third party service.”

58 home 2.0 platform will build a big platform partnership strategy, fully open in the business system, training system, capital, management, manpower, research and development, brand and so on 16 big system platform. Xiao-hua Chen said 58 home with six core strength: has largest user entry, recruitment entrance, flow entrance, excellent management team, huge capital resources and brand breadth of 58. He held the open attitude, do not reject cooperation with existing vertical category competitors, finally got home form a one-stop service of super entrance, provide consumers with high-quality service life. The end goal has three: first, be worth tens of billions of dollars of listed companies; Second, solve the employment of tens of millions of workers; Third, let each user can enjoy the beauty of life.

the 58 home is home to the United States, to massage, 58 month sister-in-law, tutter to wash the car and 58 partners to invest. With her beautiful home, to massage, 58 first access platform. 58 home conference announced that it will in the May 1 – May 9, promote, big start lazy day limit full 5.8 yuan service category, and to promote the application of home service experience.