58 announced acquisition of chinahr

on May 8, hunting cloud network news

58 city today officially completed the recruitment website chinahr acquisition, the acquisition did not disclose the trading amount. After completing the acquisition, chinahr will continue to operate independently, independently brand and team.

it is understood that the purchase project will be divided into two phases: chinahr original Irish culpt parent group, would pull out of its business in China, and will be solely responsible for follow-up issues associated with employees. 58 city in the deal, in addition to the complete chinahr brand assets such as acquisition, at the same time will hire employees part of the team.

Chinahr, founded in 1997, is the first domestic professional recruitment website, mainly for high-end office in the crowd. Chinahr offering from the campus recruitment, social recruitment, high-end executive search service, full range of recruitment services such as recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

the industry it is thought that this is an opportunity for chinahr, relying on its platform effect, business synergies and capital advantage can chinahr injected fresh blood. 58 city, on the other hand, as the localization of the Internet company, deep in the Chinese market for many years, close to and understand the user requirements, the effect of the gene for chinahr new team is very important. And chinahr brand for many years accumulation can also help the 58 city to recruit all business link, implement recruitment areas covered. Therefore the acquisition or will shake up the domestic recruitment market pattern.