51 car: main platform independent pricing, to provide “special services” carpooling price


in 2014, about your car? Early burn drops, fast taxi software is a war, the years have a carpool software costly wars, subsidies for war at the end of the car. Travel is second only to live in the food and clothing live line with just need. Car positioning high-end, I can. Boarded a taxi, baidu Uber, formal and fast, drops rival, BAT the three tripartite confrontation. But always costly wars have retreated, in 2015, after the return to calm, which way is the life of a choice, hunting cloud network carpooling market has great potential/holds great promise.

before, hunting cloud network reported some carpooling application:,,,,, poking in to look at. Today, to introduce the car called 51, first to introduce handsome lai (Beijing) co., LTD., e-commerce done before collection of the car. Founder hua-bing li, team members are more than 70 people, the core team members from baidu, tencent, love in the Internet companies, etc. Won A lei jun angel investment, as well as the innovation works and sequoia capital, A $10 million investment. With ha ha carpooling and 51 car brands.

51 car convective cloud network said: “the more than 5 million private car in Beijing, and every day more than 80% of the private cars are empty, how such a large scale stock capacity is our thought. Beijing people to feel the weather is getting worse, travel more and more difficult, we should use the characteristics of the mobile Internet to enhance the resource utilization efficiency of the whole society.”

haha carpooling with 51 cars are working to improve how people travel mode of lift, but for the target group and satisfy the travel demand of each are not identical, complement each other. Haha sharing a user from the same community, in the same street, you are going to the same office building, a trip to the same place, have the same starting point and end point, carpooling unlimited number. And 51 car is in commuting time, provided by the owner to passengers one-on-one, point-to-point, standard price of car service, car owners and passengers can be roughly a lift.

cloud network hunting understands, review the vehicle information with owners, 51 transport staff conduct field visits, so the owner of the information with a higher precision. 51 vehicles owner passenger ratings to each other, form of passenger car owner (see article), plus passenger risk, namely 100000 yuan of life insurance to protect security. And 51 car advocate the equal relationship between drivers and passengers, advocates the end of the ride, to the owner say “thank you”.

15 December 14 years, 51 car is launched. 51 car registration is very simple, the combination of mobile phone number and surname is enough (invite code is optional). On 51 transport platform model, mainly divided into three categories: 1, the economical: such as POLO and baolai, etc. 2, comfort, such as accord, magotan, etc. 3, luxury, such as audi, Mercedes, etc. RMB price, all set by the 51 transport platform, to protect the interests of passenger car and paid by the third party payment to 51 car platform. Because its not for-profit, 51 car in the car so the price can maintain at 30% below the taxi.

at present, the first single yuan “passengers” 51 cars are promoting experience activity, in Beijing, regardless of the mileage, the first single as long as one yuan. Hunting cloud network measurement effectively, however, may be as well here in some remote, called car an hour for the first time, no one can pick up a single driver. I call it again, to succeed, is indeed to pay one yuan. But call WeChat start slightly problem, also may be I am wrong operation, causing paid four times, so now 51 car three yuan in the account. The driver teacher arrived about ten minutes earlier, is a black big rush, the car to provide drinking water, paper towels, etc., can be comparable to car interior environment, the service attitude. This is 51 car advocate “car enjoy, carpooling price”.

carpooling later can also become a kind of specific light social scene. A pleasant carpooling experience, if the passengers and the owner to establish a good social relations, has formed a fixed the car. Anyway, a person is, two people also go, do you have a car, I drop by and pay the corresponding fees at the same time, so that the essence of the P2P. Distributing the originally belongs to the subway and bus passengers to willing to let others owners of the car ride, traffic pressure reducing at the same time, resource utilization has improved dramatically.

the author thinks that, at present the carpool market the biggest pain points the efficiency problem: owner trouble, afraid of delay things a waste of time; Passengers are always not willing to make an appointment in advance, patience, communication again and again. At present, carpooling, lift is point to point, the direct link between source and destination points. The vigorous development of the large data, and establish a sound credit system, sectional hitchhiking perhaps is another kind of form, the so-called all roads lead to Rome, even become a normal life.

, for example, may be far your origin and destination, or more twists and turns, there are few matching route and owners with you, if the similar to the transfer of the bus, subway, efficiency will be greatly improved. Imagine, as long as you choose a destination, a passing car, as long as the general direction is consistent, the owner could do their best, help you to the most close to the destination place. Then, you go out of the car, on the other car. Although much more change to this step, but at the same time the bidirectional solved in advance, to make an appointment invalid, wait for each other’s time efficiency problem.

with the support of big data, with the guarantee of credit system. Don’t need to get some car, taxi, need to set a destination. Get on the bus, and then in a certain way, brush such as mobile phone, or shake to the owner; At the same time, start the valuation procedures, according to the actual riding mileage valuation; Get off that disconnects, automatic calculation cost, and make payment.

products: car 51
Company: handsome lai (Beijing) e-commerce co., LTD.

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