51 car hua-bing li: entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 mouth work again good just foreplay, after the climax in hand-to-hand combat


Uber just incoming, baidu in hand is caught off guard by the fast drop flash marriage, wanted to play with it, but things didn’t work out. The dust settles, watched a taxi market don’t baidu, term who also can’t afford to turn big waves in the short term. Baidu, to digest, betting on travel in a different way – car pool. And 51 car, car everyday get baidu led to huge financing, and car everyday, always assumed a leader. Cloud network hunting interviewed 51 cars CEO hua-bing li, let’s listen to see what he think.

carpooling travel necessary conditions: climate, geographical and human

on January 1, 2014, the Beijing municipal committee of the Beijing passenger car and passenger travel advice “clear encouraged by behavior. Minister of transport Yang Chuantang have openly expressed his support on the national annual in 2015.

China is a typical “fortress besieged”, a line of urban public transport capacity shortage, congestion on the ground, even if limited Numbers, purchase restrictions measures emerge in endlessly, but workers or stuck on the road, “the driver” the work should also have strong demand.

the existing 5.4 million motor vehicles in Beijing, including 4 million private car, congestion degree visible, unfortunately empty loading rate high. Carpooling can realize spare resources integration, sharing costs, in public transport operation enterprises, government and people, is a win-win-win situation.

carpooling market within its own

to be sure, fast drop flash marriage, stirred up baidu sensitive nerve, quickly invert the bow to carpool, on Friday, 51 car, car everyday have announced to obtain C round of high finance, and baidu led. Last week, tencent heavily investment drops announced a full layout carpooling with taxi business, launching drops off. On Thursday, alibaba’s mobile phone map makers Scott also announced that we have reached an agreement with China auto rental strategic cooperation, comprehensive support China auto rental, car rental, car, car pool, etc. Visible, it is not too late, and the coincidence of time also coincides with baidu in quick drop of flash marriage there is the plan.

live again good mouth just foreplay

every day car CEO ZhaiGuangLong internally, car every day for this round of financing has two characteristics: one is the biggest, almost is the sum of second, third; The second is the highest value.

hua-bing li this is quite a bit, have a mouth to say, might as well take out your file comparison, bring out the background data to bask in the sun. Xiao-ping xu before also mentioned a credit financing events, such as done hua-bing li said the company had just put the financing it announced, also accord with xiao-ping xu their initiative “or not”. After learned this things, hunting cloud network to 51 car aspect questions, only gives the Suggestions that tens of millions of dollars.

palm of the hand are meat

of course, baidu as a public company, wait for the results, it may be true colours. At this stage, however, it is difficult to baidu, palm of the hand are meat, the brothers let’s try to get along with. Cloud network hunting bold prediction, in their own way if wet drops offensive, fit evolution is inevitable, not to mention the strong backup and fast. Rub the slogan may be intentional, baidu “writer”, after all, always know the ups and downs of the plot was fascinating, a “deep hatred brother finally uniting overcomes the” blood drama be vividly portrayed.

ZhaiGuangLong revealed that baidu investment, every car will access baidu map. 51 transport has also said that this round of investment, in addition to the cooperation with baidu in capital level, 51 cars will also be in-depth cooperation with baidu each business department. “The new version will support baidu wallet to pay, but the cooperation is not exclusive, WeChat pay will continue.”

baidu in LBS (LocationBasedService, location based service) on the advantages of can borrow: “carpool market is the biggest pain points how to efficient resource matching user needs and owners, recommend the most accurate travel route is the core of the carpool market problems, including the positioning accuracy, line data such as carpooling class application is the core technology.”

development potential, such as the tide

when asked about the current users, “go to the app store downloads” this is also acceptable. Hunting cloud network also learn about the 51 cars are now ready to pilot plan, namely, hangzhou, chongqing, tianjin and other places. This can see from 51 cars of their own development: at the end of November, internal team to stop long distance function, start doing 51 car. Three weeks to make the product, on December 15, 2014, in the southeast can think after trial operation mode. After New Year’s day, January 4 to do international trade, three yuan, 8 to 10 zhongguancun, 15 financial gold, less than half a month, covered the Beijing four main big theater. After the Spring Festival, which began in March in Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen.

incarnations 51 use

13 years in November, do projects related to the car, I want to do just that time policy be forthcoming. 11 years, door lumena come out from baidu, also want to change the direction at the present stage. They agree on a carpool this direction, then the team together. 13 years in December, at first do is ha ha carpooling, mainly by the owner as the center, “surprisingly good. Sequoia find them in 14 years in May, the end of June early July, namely get millions of dollars in wheel B. Every day in August orders through four digits.

later, they found a problem, the city people will not use such a product, with the center of the passenger demand is increasingly obvious, and then consider the split of the subdivision demand. When positioning is city white-collar, higher than 10 $15, but less than rent, within the rings. Ha ha car users to care for ever, but also special enable new product name: 51 car.

51 car is a smart car mobile phone software, is committed to solve the problems of the urban white-collar commuter travel difficult, matching commuter passengers in the same way help owners, owners can drop passengers, and passengers need to share part of the transport costs as a thank you. Expense of 51 transport platform, unified pricing, protect the interests of both sides.

after the climax in hand-to-hand combat

allegedly, drops inside has been prepared to carpool subsidies and hundreds of millions of money to do marketing, after the Spring Festival, several carpooling APP has improved his allowance. Than before every single a few yuan to 10 yuan of subsidies, subsidies emerged in the recent 20 yuan or more.

in an interview, hua-bing li did not shy away from carpooling subsidy wars. “When all competitors launch subsidies on the market behavior, who don’t do who will lag behind, as to how much subsidies, we will put all of his possessions dry up!”

finally added the question and answer session

1. The future development will be differentiated, the direction will be affected by the investor

first of all, the development direction by the management to decide. Diversified scene: suburb areas, tourist carpooling, long-distance car pool, spelling a taxi, inter-city carpooling, future APP will design gradually, at present, mainly for urban white-collar workers, commuter car pool.

2. Carpool travel policy risk

13 years 12 years issued policy, there is no conclusion, says legal nor illegal. To be sure carpooling will be explicit laws and regulations, legal, safe. China’s development, Beijing’s no guarantee that a series of things will not happen in other provincial capital cities, which showed the advantages of rapid replication and carpooling market development space.

3. Safe preservation measures

security system, drivers and passengers two-way evaluation. In advance, matter, one thousand accidents, the introduction of China life, carpooling insurance. Included in the capital this block, on the money. Who is the greatest amount, drying out. Encourage one-on-one carpooling, hypothesis is that many people, to communicate with the owner ahead of schedule, agreed to good, don’t agree.


weak social relations

is currently considering carpooling is finished, don’t disturb. Recommended contact passengers privately through other contact information. Will have to consider open later.

5. Cloud network asked hunting have different pricing back and forth, namely e-town 8 need $35 cultural park to art, art of 8 to 28 yuan e-town cultural park need?

main pricing based on the calculation of line, different paths.

6. Later, reached a fixed relationship, the user will not be out of the platform?

property safety guaranteed, personal safety guaranteed, and later will be more convenient, users will find more at ease, rest assured, worry or on the platform.

7. The next iteration upgrade

a long term future to realize real-time GPS tracking, push the most likely to order to the driver. For now, we live near the car, the first day of 1 million request, cause server crash.

8. Constraints on drivers

driving experience more than one year, drivers under the age of 50.

9. Financing is mainly used in what respect

enhance product technology, the second is marketing.

cloud network hunting as usual, or to put forward some opinions and Suggestions, 60 minutes of waiting time is too long, maybe can be changed to 30 minutes, or you can also practice plan a plan two three orders at the same time, the mean may I go to the place is too partial, in order to improve the efficiency, I can decide in addition to the destination in two other convenient subway station, the transportation hub, once any of a single owner, the other two single namely stops.

as the cloud network or want to implement sectional carpooling, with the method of relay to the passengers is the final destination, all roads lead to Rome, this question and answer session with mention of real-time GPS tracking, push the most likely to order give the driver the idea has a similar place.

since be, entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 how little hero introduction

hua-bing li: haha carpooling, founder and chief executive, 51 cars CEO. Male, 30 years old, should be married. Medium height, slight scholar, program the ape was born. Graduated from undergraduate computer in 1999, lei jun alumni, 1997 first affinity is golden hill President lei jun’s then back to the school speech. Program the ape was born, he successively in Beijing, shenzhen and the IT industry and the Internet company, has a wealth of product design and technical management experience (over).

4 years back to tsinghua MBA, 06 years into its investment group, hand over hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and financing and m&a project operation, has a wealth of experience in investment and financing industry. At the end of 09, when the thirtysomething, hence leaving business, investment funds, geek, garage coffee. One time in the garage at 19 items, do not remember who is who, after see no more. Or if you have a good idea, but why do you want to invest in your?” Night to find lei jun, lei jun recommended hua-bing li to entrepreneurship: “70, 80 – year – old can do investment, experienced venture bumpy look back to the success of the investment will be like a duck to water.”

others with their investment achievements of others, not equal to the achievement of their dreams. nullnullnull