“4 k” has a risk, the investment need to be careful

cloud network hunting note: 2015 years is likely to be 4 k TV major breakthroughs were made in a year. Their images more clear, more important is the television is the transmission way of video content itself, has a built-in network and streaming media applications, this also means that you should carefully choose television brand with streaming media service provider. In addition to this speed is also need to consider the problem.

this year to buy 4 k TV seems to be a wise choice.

everything is on track with: 4 k service gaining momentum, the market of ultra-high resolution (UltraHD) TV will be more, prices are lower. 4 k TV (4096 x 2160 pixel resolution) is no longer only in the window to see the exhibits, but a lot of sale of goods. Their resolution is higher than 1080 p high-definition TV (more than), a class picture clearer, will have the built-in network and streaming media application, the price is also more variety, range from quantum dots to OLED TV to 8 k TV (7680 x 4320 pixel resolution). Compared with hd TV, this year you may see more 4 k TV.

don’t wrong, this is not just a hype. And 3 d is different, this is the trend of the future, in the next few years, 4 k and will now become common hd essentials. From the film and television producers to streaming media services to manufacturers in the effort to promote the development of 4 k, which is why TV industry think 2015 is 4 k of major breakthroughs were made in a year. Consumer electronics association predicts 2015 high-definition television shipments will reach 4 million, earnings to more than $5 billion, compared with 800000 shipments and $2.5 billion in revenue last year was a huge leap.

maybe before choosing high-definition TV do you still want to look. In a few months, the outlook for the 4 k TV will be as clear as it the rendered image, optional content and hardware will be getting better and better.

in fact they will only develop better. The question now is: different makers use different methods to obtain high-definition images, way and content are competitive. With the VHS and Betamax (respectively was developed by SONY and JVC tape format), blu-ray and hd DVD format war between different, it’s more like a competition about television transmission system of the operating system. With 4 k, television is the transmission system.

4 k had differentiation.

if you want to now get on the bus, you have to take into account the exclusive agreement, bandwidth requirements, all kinds of TV content provided by the who and the nuances of each built-in intelligence platform. Wait until each 4 k on television have important services such as Netflix, amazon, 4 k devices can plug and play like a streaming media player or game console, and transmission rate and bandwidth can be achieved, it’s time to buy a high-definition TV. Although this year’s 4 k TV content will increase a lot, but that doesn’t mean the things you want to see.

is not only a resolution leap

on the surface, the appearance and from 4 k sd to hd are similar, but in many ways they are completely different, one of the most important reason is: 4 k is the first structural changes, the traditional transmission path is no longer so important. So far, 4 k revolution is streaming media, has nothing to do with the broadcast, cable TV, CD.

there are 4 k, streaming media become the leading role, it is the main transmission way, you can completely change the TV, not only is the way we watch TV, and which company to buy 4 k TV. Now you can’t buy also support 4 k Roku, amazon Fire or TV, and Apple TV. 1080 p also looks good, but if you want to experience the real 4 k – nuanced picture and immersive scenarios – that to a large extent, you have to rely on every TV 4 k service provided by the built-in intelligence platform.

so there is no cheap and fine 4 k set-top boxes, but Roku and TCL plans in the near future in a TCL television. “Television is near the critical point of the outbreak of 4 k, 4 k content increased will promote the demand of consumers.” TCL, vice President of the north American market sales Chris Larson says. “We plan to launch 4 k TCL Roku TV at that time.”

at the same time, the Dish Network in last month’s consumer electronics show (CES) on the set-top box 4 k Joey, users need to pay $90 to $30 a month subscription fee, also be fitted with a Hopper DVR. And less than 100 dollars can buy (and don’t have to pay the monthly fee) compared to 1080 p streaming media set-top box, this is a big investment and the launch of the Dish not to play specific 4 k content of the equipment. There will be more 4 k of streaming media, and major manufacturers to improve their smart TV platform, trying to replace the set-top boxes.

a new wave of smart TV platform will be according to their respective operating systems appear differentiation, samsung will adopt Tizen, LG with WebOS, panasonic Firefox OS, and sharp and SONY will adopt exclusive system as well as Android TV. This caused some difficulties to application development, but the main problem is the brand of TV content will be provided by the exclusive agreement.

, for example, only part of high-definition television is provided by Netflix and amazon 4 k streaming service; Not long ago, the company launched a allow manufacturers to show their high specific content of the “recommended”. M – Go and Comcast have samsung TV exclusive 4 k application. SONY Video Unlimited 4 k service now is probably contains most of the content, but it requires a compatible with the TV set and a media player for $700.

codec is also an obstacle. Used by Netflix and amazon HEVC/h. 265 codec is quickly becoming the compression standards. Google USES its own 4 k friendly VP9 codec, later also use in high-definition YouTube video. A lot of this year just launched 4 k TV at the same time support the two codec. But there is even a 4 k TV HEVC codec, but it does not necessarily can use this codec and all service compatible. This is going to return to streaming media services in a particular TV broadcast permission certification process.

the longer you wait, you will find that the smaller the differentiation of the 4 k. CES 2015 established the UHD alliance, to manufacturers, studio and unite to standardize the market for 4 k content providers, including DirecTV, dolby, Netflix, panasonic, samsung, sharp, SONY, Technicolor, Walt Disney, twentieth century fox and Warner Brothers. Although amazon, Google, hisense, Roku, TCL and giants like Vizio is not one of them, but the team also should be able to help standardize the market.

DirecTV and satellite Dish Network prepares for the 4 k service. Is expected by the end of this year will be to develop 4 k blu-ray and player beforehand, panasonic at CES shows their prototype. But when all these things developed, we will meet a platform war, the format before and had a poor to far. VHS and Betamax, blu-ray and hd-dvd, they are separated, with the TV itself no matter you choose what kind of equipment, it and your television adaptation. And in the case of 4 k, television and the content of the transmission system is an organic whole, once chosen the wrong equipment you might see want to content.

from radio to broadband

if you can find a compatible and all 4 k service television – now it seems the best option is probably samsung – you also need to consider the problem of bandwidth. 4 k video is higher than in hd video resolution, four times the resolution means more data, not all of the family network can afford such a huge amount of data.

recommended Netflix streaming video download speed is 25 MBPS, 4 k and 1080 p only need 3 megabits per second. If you even play normal hd video streaming configuration are often caton, the broadcast 4 k video should be a problem. According to a recent’s Internet status report, only 19% of American households have can satisfy the requirement of 4 k more than 15 MBPS or connection speed. Ookla web data, points out that the average broadband download speed for 32 megabits per second, but different Internet service provider (ISP), the number of different states are different.

the good news is that maybe you don’t need to upgrade your service can get process experience of 4 k. Beamr encoded video optimization service is working with film studios and streaming media providers, the video bit rate reduced by 40%. Beamr can claim it to reduce the 4 k video at a speed of 9.5 Mbps can meet the requirements, to allow for the network load. For HEVC coded video it narrowed, and in the process of CES demonstrates the lower bit rate. This technology will be applied in collaboration is the M -, M – Go can only be used in samsung’s 4 k on TV.

Beamr claim more intelligent than encoder optimization software, it can be used in the HEVC encoded video, get rid of some of the data and shall not affect the content, such as the background of fuzzy, smooth texture, and don’t need 4 k details. According to the company’s chief technology officer Dror Gill says, even the experts can’t tell the optimized video and the difference between the original video, which is why Beamr cooperate with studios, will optimize the software as part of the workflow data transmission rather than as a content aggregator.

“we will not damage the quality of the video.” Gill said, “if we deal with amazon and Netflix, they will say, ‘oh sounds good, can save a lot of data. “While the studio will say:” we don’t want you to do that to our content. ‘we hope that it can withstand critical studio, they will be able to see any change on the texture and color.”

this video size shrink can expand the potential audience of 4 k. According to the report’s, can reach 10 MBPS download speed with 39% of American families, which satisfies the requirement of 4 k has doubled the number of families, but this is just the beginning.

welcome to 1080 p time

the waiting is the suffering, but the time is right you will eventually have a 1080 p TV. The next few years, they will disclose more information about hd 1080 p TV.

at the 2015 CES, TV makers have no special emphasis on 1080 p TV is coming out next year. This means that the quantum dot color enhancement, OLED panel and extremely thin body all of these elements is very likely won’t appear on 1080 p television. Manufacturing chamber of commerce in the forefront of technology with them on the top models, in this case, the top model is 4 k TV.