4 chan, founder of departure advice: losing captain good also will be able to sail the ship

laughing cat (Lolcats), Anonymous communication group, and a myriad of network culture genes are made by famous Anonymous photo-sharing community 4 chan conceived. These volunteers (blamed) Chris Poole or a net is Moot.

there is no second “solo”, after 11 years, have created more than 42 billion page views, attracted 20 million active users. 4 chan is Moot in just 15 years old of time, anyone can tell anything on this sharing community. Nowadays, Moot but will choose to leave. From the above jokes, fantastic story, pornography and anonymous.

now, the founder of 4 chan announced that the site server, operating funds and code, he is ready, and empower a volunteer team after he left to continue to operate this web site. “For all this, my point is let nature take its course”, he said to me. But what he learned from? What is 4 chan’s legacy? For him what to do next? The following is my are ahead in the network to the leader in an interview:

what do you think of zuckerberg founded the company?

Moot: yes, it is a good company. For 4 chan, the most proud of is that it’s scale is very big. By today’s standards are considerable [laughs]. It serve 20 million customers each month, all work to be done by me. Was only a part-time developer and a part-time helper, the rest are all volunteers, all main are in operation to me. This is almost. Aaron parker ham (Aaron [Peckham]) is the only one exception, because in the past 15 years, is he a person in operating Urban Dictionary (Urban Dictionary).

this day has come, everyone feel admiration for these achievements. Coincidentally, the interview and the last time we talk in the same point in time, when I closed the DrawQuest (s&p firm founded by venture capital drawing game company). On January 21, perhaps is a special day for me.

I don’t know what to say, time is too long. Eleven and a half years already. So incredible. I think, this is unprecedented. Because there are very few online community can survive for 10 years. To be able to become the industry leader for so long are much rarer, at least in size 4 chan did. In this sense, there is no other online community can keep pace with 4 chan.

4 chan what is the impact of?

Moot: over the years, I think that when people are considering the effects of 4 chan, they will think of Lolcats, Anonymous and Internet jokes, but I think more than that. These years, let me have been the impetus is for 4 chan, when someone meet me in the street [refers to people who through 4 chan, who knew him], I will be very active in face to face with them. “Thanks to 4 chan, because in a certain period in my life, is that it has helped me. When I was in high school, college, or later want to vent at work.” I think it helps people smoothly through the highs and lows of life. This is a people can go to after work, let them feel comfortable and reliable. Here, people can get relaxed.

4 chan is closely related with the life of millions of active users. I think the biggest role is that it make their life better. This is the “third space” of people, when they after work or after school, when feeling stressed, 4 chan is the place that can let them relax. For many, it’s like home. The enchantment of the 4 chan not only lies in the Anonymous, since X erotic human nature. Its core value in so it filters through the culture, has a wider range of advocates. It is one of the early pioneers of network culture. Network culture is a kind of popular culture now, but I think 4 chan was located in the forefront in this culture. Who knows what 4 chan legacy, over the next decade and can keep how many? !

4 chan

after founded, how do you grow and change?

benefit a lot from it, but you will lose. In my 11 years in 4 chan, as a teenager, I said goodbye to entering adulthood. Committed to the work of 4 chan, on behalf of all of my adult life. It’s hard to describe as the growth of the age, looking at the world, day after day, how much I mature.

five years ago, I had an interview in Technology Review, the reporter noted that 4 chan reflects the “wild west” period of chaos, so I think a lot of people treat me as a representative of 4 chan, in fact, I never think so. “You’re just a ordinary and boring children. You don’t fit for the founder of 4 chan.” My father said: “he is not recognized, I said what I said no to restrict him.” To the life I have been holding the manner which along with the gender, and set out to the field. I understand the meaning of his father, but it doesn’t decide, I will become a what kind of person.

I am the world’s most lonely website administrator.

4 chan over the years at the helm, did you learn?

Moot: I also want to this problem. Maybe in the future I will put these knowledge organize and write a book. I think the biggest harvest is that I have received the good education. I have a very practical advantage is that a large community “Dr” in management degree.

if you can return to the past, I want to do one thing, that is in the early to encourage and to allow more volunteers to join in. When he was young, I a person to assume all responsibility. We called it “Mooto rule”. As a teenager, I don’t know should devolve power, let the people involved, and fully trust them and implement team decisions. At that time, I always a person to handle all things.

when I was running a venture-backed company, it seems I was never a good manager. I must learn to human behavior. For me, a lot of pressure, because I have no partner, no can give me advice or to rely on. This is a very lonely. When I think of myself as the world’s most lonely website administrator. Seven years ago, can accompany me to find unhappiness and give me a few friends.

over the years, I found one thing, the problem of lack of communication is always present. If not timely communication, some things will change, or, even if communication something would happen. People work independently, for unclear parts of their imagination to fill, 90% of whom are completely wrong. But this is not their fault. No direct contact to the fact that they are on their own imagination.

needs to be changed constantly, cannot make full communication in advance, these are 4 chan source of pressure. These are in the process of growth, the things you need to keep on learning. When I was 15 years old, and have never had a real job. I have to keep on learning from all kinds of test. To understand these things, I have a lot of things to do.

if can return to the past, you will make what specific changes to 4 chan?

Moot: is not much more special. On 4 chan, one of the most impressive thing to me is that the scale of it remain unchanged for quite a long time. The number of users, “20 million is considerable.” But in fact it maintain the number of users for five years. Upgrading of network community very quickly. It’s hard to do you don’t make mistakes… Online community of fleeting during rush hours. 4 chan at least in terms of user traffic, basically did not. It can keep high user traffic, is unusual.

for online community, maintain user traffic is very difficult. People will always find a reason to complain, but for a long time before I realized, can’t believe that any one person. 4 chan has tens of thousands of potential users, but it is hard to meet the needs of the niche. My action is to a larger network of community service. For 4 chan, it is important to ensure that it is able to endure, to be successful, and continue to grow. This means that the decision is likely to cause adverse to a small number of people. 4 chan is working, let it become the best choice for tens of thousands of users.

[Moot share, 4 chan now there are 20.3 million visitors each month, there are 1.2 million visitors a day, 620 million page views per month, with 21 million daily page views. So far, a total of 42.1 billion page views, 1.7 billion upload works, 1 billion visitors, he also told me that the number is actually low.]

that’s not all. We use Google Analytics since 2008, the figures from statistics began in March 2008. In a word, the actual number is bigger than we calculated.

what do you intend to next?

Moot: to be honest, I’m not ready yet. Last year, I left my startup elaboration for four years, the four years is really very difficult. To relax, I’m very excited. But last year, and I was not idle, I spend time and effort on themselves, and has trained many interests and hobbies. I just take care of yourself. In business Canvas [DrawQuest predecessor] four and a half years later, I need to unpack and to yourself. Now, I don’t have the original fatigue.

although I don’t know how to go the next step should be, but I am ready to try something new, because last year I spent a year for inspiration. I’m glad I can spend time looking for inspiration for oneself, but I don’t know exactly what is the inspiration. I haven’t thought of so long.

are you want to work in the past, another enterprise rather than your own business?

Moot: I basically do not have to work for someone else, but I’m looking forward to have that opportunity. In fact, I want to take this opportunity to work in other companies. I had been working for my own business for 11 years and a half. I’m curious, I gained knowledge and experience, how many can be applied to other enterprises. At present, people with “large-scale community Ph.D.” no more than 5, and I’m one of them.

or managers working for which company, you will feel cool?

Moot: haven’t thought of. My request is very simple. I haven’t the company have a particularly strong feeling. For me, the best benefits is that I can learn unexpected experience. In my next step, I will constantly optimize the past ten years, I gained knowledge and lessons learned.

would you go to run Google +? [laughing]

Moot: that are still open? No problem, larry page can give me a call. When News Corp (News) acquisition of Myspace, I once said that he can give me a call. Maybe this is funny.

4 chan what will happen next?