360 wisdom key li gang entrepreneurship xiao-ping xu angel investing millions of dollars, on-line beast rider App today

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the beast rider is a cycling sport App, launched today. Yes, you read that right, and smart bike again. Hunting cloud network recently introduced, also reported the news. 2015 intelligent bicycle industry will blossom falls.

in addition to cycling records, data and list these beautiful pictures to share, there will be a project, beast rider, included the world’s most prestigious bike route of travel. Hunting cloud network noticed, it also provides cycling newbie guide: bicycle basic knowledge, choose the right bike, cycling knowledge, etc. If you are just riding the novice or haven’t really started riding movement, also can see in the above travel, make friends, higher position… No, is knowledge.

the beast rider from a millions of us dollars for start-up business angel investment the beast in the science and technology. Xiao-ping xu in weibo has launched “real raised venture capital industry published” initiative, founder of animal science and technology li gang convective cloud network, said xiao-ping xu is their angels, so the credit line can be microblogging @ xiao-ping xu patch, the author decided tweeting try it later. According to li gang, xiao-ping xu is more about the beast cycling team do giant “challenger” the courage and the love of cycling.

what is a “giant challenger? September 13 years, li gang, the team quick button, 360 and 360 mentally key, after a fight, collected 360 key team and partner with intelligent fast key. This also don’t finish calculate, then came the millet, later, you know. Millet in the eight months before the incoming, wisdom key sold 3 million, accumulative total 2 million users, more than 90% market share.

as for the love of cycling, li gang is cycling enthusiasts, have been riding ring Taiwan and hainan. Li gang, wry smile said: “the business, is a kill pig knife.” During the fast button great work intensity and the pressure of competition, let li gang and his partners a year dozens of jin is fat. So, again, li gang, naturally think of the ride.

determines the direction of entrepreneurship, more the need for market research. Hunting cloud network since the beast to science and technology, China’s sports bike (unit price in more than $250), about 20 million, 5 million vehicles a year of new. By 2020, the intelligent bicycle will account for 50% of the new sports bike. The beginning and li gang personally tried a lot of cycling APP and hardware devices, he thought, for a long time since the little change of bicycle industry has too many requirements should be satisfied. We can see that in 2014, the concept of intelligent bicycle sadly arisen, Internet giant and many entrepreneurial teams big push into the industry.

unlike rivals more “intelligent” bicycle vehicle research and development, li gang think APP and intelligent control is the core of intelligent bicycle, through accessories and software, can make any bicycles are endowed with intelligent functions. Beast after riding App launch, how to render accessories, hunting cloud network temporarily do not say the plot, let’s keep looking forward to.

cycling class App is not a few, how to do the same and not similar? Li stressed: 1. The beast cycling use simple direct interaction design. 2. As to the instrumental APP story to guide. Every ride is a story, beast rider with cycling data report, watermark camera, ranking racing, cycling travels to tell this story. 3. In view of the open hardware devices, docking a variety of hardware devices. Simply not use mobile phone GPS monitoring of cycling data precision for cycling comprehensive data, animal science and technology set up a complete set of hardware docking platform, has been with several smart hardware manufacturing deals on the market cooperation and docking the data interface.

existing electrical appliances product and control module, and mobile terminal connection again, can be called a smart home. Subject to partial hardware product production cycle is long, this kind of practice although some opportunistic, but also not let sell at a discount greatly effect. Can only say that weigh the trade-offs, rapid implementation first, then gradually improve. Hunting cloud network, therefore, don’t care much about the beast technology of intelligent control is a what kind of accessories, but want their future to do more, make more healthy way of life, travel, fashion, not just accessories, vehicle research and development also have not cannot.