360 push H5 with app engine and O2O developer platform, baidu light application of shadow, play the story about the platform

on March 9, 360 mobile phone assistant announced O2O application developer platform and H5 flow engine, to jointly develop and developers O2O ecosystem.

it is reported that 360 O2O platform developers have a highlight, it integrates “citizens of the ministry of public security network identification system”, issued by the citizens of the loading on the industrial and commercial bank of financial IC debit card network identity – eID, role: simplify the APP account management development, through online and offline user identity and mobile payments, indirect convenient mobile web developer.

at the meeting at the same time, 360 mobile phone assistant senior director TaoWeiHua introduction, 360 H5 flow application engines at O2O developer, can reduce the cost of development, the developers that need to be developed on multiple platforms such as android, iOS version, with the H5 flow application engine, only need to develop a web edition, can be across multiple platforms.

what is flow? 360 official explanation is: “flow” is 360 gives life “assistant” in the new name of mobile application software, it refers to a kind of no installation, namely, which is a fully functional APP, can enjoy including pay the phone bill, make an appointment, rob tickets, flight query, such as the train services in daily life. Now have access to air travel, industrial and commercial bank of application, etc.

in addition, the user at the time of registration do not need to input the user name, the load of eID, industrial and commercial bank of financial IC card on the back of support NFC mobile phones a stick. Safe and convenient, do not disclose personal identity information. Safe specific reason is: the 360 and icbc cooperation, is the ministry of public security. The ministry of public security of the golden league huitong is responsible for the identification system of audit, such as user on the platform to buy air tickets, train tickets when you use the eID card payment, identity information is extracted directly, but 360 – Taipei, ticketing Taipei can only see the code, not directly to obtain the information such as user id.

but it seems to hunt cloud network application distribution platform, 360, 360 mobile phone assistant the ACES, but in the field of O2O, 360 is not a high quality product reputation. 360 life assistant and baidu light applications have similar, actually. Using traffic advantage stages, thus cutting hu O2O filling flow up and down in the field of distribution.