360 huayuan layout smart home hand in hand, eventually to security strategy

“smart home” concept has taken for many years, a variety of novel and cool creative mount. Right now, what kind of smart home is the ordinary people really need?

on May 20, 360 and huayuan group announced that the two companies have a comprehensive strategic cooperation, the two sides will use the resource of their respective advantages, promote safe intelligent household is widely used in community, to build security intelligence community and home security system. 360 launch of “the most loving family” smart home solution: to ensure the safety of family, love family, strengthen the connection of the world, from changsha began to fall to the ground, then spread to the whole country.

specifically, 360 for the huayuan group home security application scenario of the project, design and provide intelligent home security products and management system, including smart cameras, security router, positioning and health bracelets, electrical safety alarm, gas flue gas alarm system and other products, help perfect huayuan group, optimization of existing public regional security monitoring system, establish a new type of intelligent home security management.

360 to provide users with intelligent life experience

360 hand in hand with huayuan the will in the smart hardware, mobile Internet and APP, and conduct in-depth cooperation cloud services, and many other fields, real “wisdom” of life to our eyes.

in the past two years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and intelligent hardware and popularization, 360 companies are from Internet security services to the security of intelligent equipment and service development, already has launched a series of intelligent hardware products, provide consumers with family safety, child safety, data security, etc.

, for example, there are 360 portable WiFi, not even home wireless network, users can also be a plug and play, do not need to set the wireless network, can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere; With 360 children smart watches, users can locate where is the child in the home, prevent separated, also may at any time communication, timely understanding of children, to ensure the safety of children; And the acclaimed 360 smart camera, users can be placed in the home, live to see the old man of the house and children, interactive, and chat with them on the door can monitor into a stranger in the house, and prompt the user; 360 large family security router is famous for its large network coverage, at the same time it also can protect the home network from infringement.

in addition, 360 and 360 vehicle traveling data recorder to protect the user’s travel security, 360 air monitoring master to help users breathe air safety, there will be more loving family of products in the future.

“the future is an Internet era of all things, a variety of intelligent devices connected together, can provide more secure, more convenient for people’s life.” 360 chairman zhou said, “360 and huayuan strategic cooperation, the goal is to use the ubiquitous Internet, hardware innovation by a multitude of intelligence, the wisdom of building safety, convenient for people community and smart home. Even if far away through the mobile phone can also manage the various devices in the home, protect the family property and personal safety, strengthen people connected to the home of love.”

before 360, ali and millet are smart home market layout, then 360 compared to other competitors? To move markets and user must through the real product, do intelligent household will involve data, some safety problems such as privacy, 360 products now, safety is the first attribute. Again, 360 do is to meet customer’s demand, so the user this group pointed to the old man and child.

Fried intelligent household concept has been very hot, some companies are “single” to do intelligent household, they think that the Internet could eventually replace the traditional enterprises. In the “Internet +” era, however, the Internet is more and more heavy pattern, truly penetrated into every aspect of life, if there is no line of power, or there is no way to meet the needs of users, is still an empty theory. For real estate companies, they themselves are looking for some Internet products, to build their mode of the Internet, so 360 cooperation with huayuan, for partners is a complementary process.

so, where is the meaning of 360 in collaboration with huayuan? Do intelligent hardware is different from the past, now is no longer a product design allows users in a certain scene to use. The future intelligent household needs by real estate companies and property, because they will know more about the needs of users, on the premise of the two sides reach a consensus, to discuss out a scheme to meet the demand of users.

now with the Internet, it crossover badly, the wool in pigs of the true meaning of this sentence was later, everybody said traditional industry to make money, not to crossover. 360 and huayuan today is just a start, the traditional companies understand the Internet after the law, will create greater value.

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