360 book on online design system, challenges the traditional decoration

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decoration industry has a long history, based on the domestic real estate industry and the characteristics of cognitive users, may be called just need to buy a house and renovation. Interior decoration at the same time the unit price is high, the complex process and materials and the shortage of user’s cognitive characteristics, making industry, a mess from personnel quality is uneven, the price extremely opaque factors such as the user loss a lot of time and effort, poor experience as a whole.

360 book position is through the Internet technology and service concept, to provide users with the best decoration services. Just yesterday (March 1), the Internet giant domestic outfit to put the net announced an D round, 2015 is doomed to be the Internet home of, let a person full of imagination.

based on the industry spot, 360 book hope to create a transparent decoration market, through the online system of visual design and material list, the user see and the materials used for public, and users are most concerned about the quality problem in the form of public acceptance of homework book full disclosure, allows users to supervise.

contract customers can download the acceptance standard homework book book in 360, the clear specification to specify technical standards and acceptance criteria of each process, the user can own the reliability of inspection standard book, may at any time to the work site inspection. If there are unqualified phenomenon, in addition to back construction to the qualified can also get some compensation.

online visual design of the system

in addition, 360 book was the first to put forward the relevant after-sale service, including air pollution, 1 year after the loading one kitchen toilet scouring maintenance and metope renovation once every two years, of course, is free.

in fact, the development of any industry, from extensive transparent, chaos to the specification, the intervention of the Internet, can make the process faster. But the so-called Internet thinking, not just the low price, more should from the user experience, user demand aspects of planning and development.

for home decoration industry, how to use the Internet to transform traditional decoration, have to mention is “love space” announced earlier this month the millet, suitable for capital investment in 60 million, is known as the “millet” domestic outfit, so what’s the difference between the two?

cloud network think hunting, love the space walk is millet, implement standardized package, price advantage and construction speed by a mass, but the relative lack of the concept of “personalized design”, a little extreme, home improvement industry millet can work to draw a question mark. But in the product promotion, the user experience, and have a certain price advantage, slightly adjusted, there is a huge space for development.

“360 book” the visual design system, to make up for a “personalized design”, to provide users with the “fool” the design of the tool. But according to the authors experience, the effect is not as good as imagined. Most users don’t understand design, design system play a line still, seriously, may also need to professional designers, so pack 360 book can provide free room, design and other services.

“in the future there should be a big wave decorate a company to seek traditional Internet transformation, the characteristics of the O2O industry also determines the development of the early stage of the flowers, and the enterprise can obtain user acceptance truly, can the last laugh.” 360 book the founder Lv Donglong told hunting cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, 360 book adopted led yards grab single at the early stage of the online sales model, in about a week’s time, effective order has been far beyond the traditional high level decorate a company to order a quarter, preliminary revealed the power of the Internet an outfit.

360 book the core management team, a total of five people, the product owner from tencent, engineering director from nissan, BD director from beauty, design is head of Boston university returnees. Team is rapidly expanded, the majority of workers with interior design experience.