$35 million two years college students entrepreneurial finance, JuanPi net Huang Chengsong did the right thing?

note: hunting cloud in a recent Forbes Chinese version published in 2015 list of China’s 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, successively founded JuanPi nets, nine pieces of mail Huang Chengsong list for the first time. The young CEO of started entrepreneurship in campus, founding nine pieces of mail in 2012, he only took two years to fulfil B round of $35 million in financing, with annual sales of 2.5 billion yuan, the development speed is amazing. What are behind this, his personal unique visual Angle and method? Content from tencent open platform WeChat public account.

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to start a startup, we think of often is to change the world, realize the value of life and other rhetoric. And my first entrepreneurial impulse, actually did not think so much, I want to rely on entrepreneurship to earn fees, don’t talk to home for money.

in 2007, I was walking into the huazhong university of science and technology. During the university, I mainly by writing program to earn tuition and living expenses, never to the home to a penny.

in August 2010, I started his first entrepreneurial projects, do is buy more fire electricity rebate website at that time. We naively thought that this model capital recovery fast, it should be easy to succeed. But really insert in, only to find that is far more difficult than the imagination, the country already has dozens of rebate website, homogeneity is very serious, we’re still a student, no money and resources support, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd.

this is probably the first time of my life in Waterloo, nearly all money for food for the light. The failure of my lesson is: entrepreneurship for college students, no resources and experience, don’t rob “outlet”. On the tuyere, though may be more easier, but also more fierce competition, you will fell badly. Until now, we didn’t really stand on the tuyere, but always stand at the edge of the tuyere.

now more and more investors like to go to school to go to the project, because the starting point of college students entrepreneurship is more of a “what this product can I change, what can provide users with”, this is right. the people on the social entrepreneurship is flocked around the “discourse”, and will become the “draught” may be in the school.

grabbed a demand point continuing to do, gradually evolved

with the lesson of defeat for the first time, I began to think about some not so the direction of “discourse”. Often shop at taobao should all know, “special offer”, “discount” and other words is the most attract user eyeball stunt. I was thinking, why not build a platform for 10 yuan buy goods? gather all critical model, the influence of the platform will stack. and buy this model only responsible for providing information, more lightweight, suitable for students to entrepreneurship. In April 2012, we launched the first domestic “bag mail $9.9 seconds kill” – nine pieces of mail (now renamed as “JuanPi 9.9 package mail”). Nine pieces of mail stunt, extremely quickly attracted the attention of consumers. Less than a year of time, the website of the month to breakthrough 20 million yuan, tens of millions of users.

now and then go back to think, I think all successful business model, often from the needs of a very simple, and then continue around the demand points to divergence, to gradually evolved, finally is likely to evolve into a big thing. now the pattern of the whole Internet industry, basically you can think of the great demand of segmentation have been others about, you can only needs to focus on some others missing fringes. The fringes of seemingly market demand is not big, but if you are right, or is likely to move the market. Early, of course, you can’t think so much, but should have idea to perform.

9 pieces of mail after to do it, we also met some bottleneck, because the model is easy to imitate, guide various purpose of “9 yuan” platform for rolling in. But this time our brand reputation and users have been done, we are in the process of doing their business model positioning is becoming more and more clear – focus on low-end consumer market. At the same time, I realized, as people consumption level rise, keen “nine pieces of mail” online users also began to tend to discount goods purchase price is higher, so from the “white card” and “weak” brand, created the most cost-effective discount the JuanPi network platform, covering focus on low-end market, do a discount sale. 2012 JuanPi net sales of more than 2012 yuan, in 2014 and quickly rose to 2.5 billion yuan. In early February 2014 completed 50 million yuan, after A round of funding in December B round of softbank we get the favour of the rich, get $35 million.

a year to complete two rounds of financing, I think the key or the things we do on:

? First of all, a complete value chain, are worth to merchants at one end, side has value to the user, the model can meet the demand of investors;

? Second, the team overall comprehensive strength;

? Finally, the market size is large enough. Low-end consumer market of commercial value is very high, need to have a platform to carry on.

college students entrepreneurship to manage your “alumni”

for college students’ entrepreneurship, I experience the other point is to make good use of your alumni network. Now, looking back on it, I feel regret. before starting a business I don’t have stayed in school of technology club, with the people in the school circle intersection is too little, also do not have big company work experience, so early recruit people with difficulty. I was in school also know one or two more cattle, later also expands network step by step through circle, met my business partner in the summer peak. College students entrepreneurship, you don’t have the capital to attract top talent, but you are familiar to your alumni network. Some business with you, on the other hand, the student basically is inexperienced, you have to develop the others in the process of entrepreneurship, so it’s difficult to college students’ entrepreneurship.

a friend asked me, the best people are helpless pain, and that the blend of big companies you classmates have a quite good, have you lost? Early, I also once had lost, the company is already a good income, but I still open only 1000 yuan every month wages. But you will feel the, you are thinking and have something different, this is in big companies is hard to have, I think this is the most critical.