3 d jewelry electrical contractor Orori printing, let you customize personalized jewelry

cloud network hunting note: almost every pair of lovestruck men and women will promise to each other for life, undivided attention, a grand wedding and they led a unique diamond ring. So, how can I try to be unique to build unique? The jeweler Orori to help you! 3 d printing technology overturn fashion, private tailored use jewelry hold eternal! I design jewelry, such as only a “I do”.

thanks to a jeweler Orori, high-end 3 d printing jewelry is in Indonesia’s website is launched! Orori online services began in 2012, the company’s home page after the update release in Jakarta, on the website of yi yi is unripe brightness, 3 d printing jewelry charm all show!

in 2003, Indonesia jeweler Orori appeared in the form of a physical store, in 2012 the company made a significant move, that is to close all physical store and e-commerce business model. Want to know, Orori Indonesia is only one experience such a jeweler in the transformation of business model.

Orori founder George Budi Sumantri said, now the site can provide more than 20000 kinds of products (models), purchase is worth more than $35 million. However, this does not mean that Orori holdings totaling $3500 jewelry inventory – if there are so many jewelry, return true have the suspicion of jewel thief? Orori, in effect, there is no inventory, because it’s jewelry is made in using 3 d printers on-demand.

with 3 d printing, another big new Orori have formed their Own characteristics, they call the new service, “the Design My Own (designed)”, it allows users to customize their Own jewelry Design. This is a very good idea, not only to attract customers attention, win the sales, also can bring the company more unique, novel and unique jewelry design.

in addition, in view of the customer don’t want to design jewelry, Orori company’s online shop has a variety of styles of jewelry to choose from.

was busy for wedding ring design

in the Design of My Own Design experience, customers can choose according to their budget suitable diamond – specific to the shape, color, weight, cut, clarity, and so on, and then select the style and set. In addition, the design also allows customers to enter their want carved words and patterns, etc., and then decide how these elements appear in their jewelry. Finally, the site also can according to the requirements of the customers these, generate jewelry stereo image 360 degrees look carefully shaping effect for customers. This avoids the flaws and molding effect in the design of customers are not satisfied and so on a series of problems.

Sumantri, said Orori has not yet been released to the iOS and Android mobile application, but now mobile web site has been optimized. This means that customers can login via mobile web browser Orori website, that is to say, they can operate on computer web can also be tested on a mobile phone, and, of course, also including jewelry design.

as early as in last November, Orori, announced that it has won millions of magnitude of the first round of financing before Investment, the Investment by local Investment companies Ideosource led, IMJ Investment Partners, East Ventures and 500 Startups to vote. The Sumatri also disclosed that at present, the company is trying to raise the first round of financing.

small diamond achievement big business

at present, Orori mainly sells diamonds, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and various bars, and jewelry accessories, etc. Sumantri said the company also can accept orders from Indonesia’s domestic, but in order to meet the needs of the broad masses of customers in Singapore, the English version of the site is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year. Orori isn’t the only leader in this field, and its competitors including Blue Nile of overseas companies, such as the United States and India BlueStone, etc. – have aroused strong interest among investors. Blue Nile is a publicly listed company, is the world’s biggest diamond and jewelry online retailers, and BlueStone also at this time of the last year won the Kalaari Capital led a $10 million investment.

a McKinsey & company said the global jewelry industry is heading for a bright future. If no accident, the annual global sales to 148 billion euros ($161 billion) as the foundation, grow 5 to 6% a year, at such a speed development in 2020, the total assets of 250 billion euros ($271 billion). Consumers for jewelry hobby was suppressed by the global recession, but it now appears that they began to appetite, eyeing up and become.

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