2014 COINS, “a tale of two cities” : prices, rising in ecosystem

cloud network hunting note: in general, we can describe 2014 COINS world: COINS a tale of two cities of the world, should.

on the other hand, the currency areas of significant risk investment continues, the currency rate also have great progress, especially the big brands, such as Microsoft and dell also are beginning to accept the currency. But on the other hand, the beginning of 2014, the currency trading platform Mt bigger bankruptcy, hit the extraordinary rise in the prices of the currency. 2014 COINS in price from $951.39 to $309.87, the price has fallen by 67%. So far in 2015, the currency price continues to fell, fell by a further 18% (hunting cloud network note: as of yesterday, the currency price in the price of around $180).

2014 COINS key events and price charts

continued the downward price pressure may cause the exchange between the mergers and acquisitions, the currency the player also quite sensitive to the price of the currency.

trading and trading volume continues to rise

in the European Union and the United States, exchange the total amount of currency trade grew more than 50%. COINS may have been the worst performing currency in 2014, and is still the most unstable currency, created quite a good opportunity for speculators.

total exchange traded

in the fourth quarter, the currency monthly volume broke the record set in 2013, the turnover is reached a peak of $17 million in November. At the same time, this quarter the currency’s daily trading volume has more than $100000 for the first time. However, the problem is that there were a lot of uncertainty, we are not sure how much volume is real economic activity.

COINS startup history more than $400 million combined investment gold wind

in the fourth quarter, the currency the company received $130 million in venture capital, this is a record number, compared with $64 million in the third quarter, a whole doubled.

since 2012, the currency startup has received more than $433 million, including 2014 of investment this year alone accounted for 77% of the total amount of investment ($335 million).

2014 currency risk investment

2014 golden COINS venture company that has been publicly disclosed, tripled from the third quarter.

in 2014, the number of countries to accept the currency risk investment also increased from eight to eighteen, half of new countries were European countries.

2014 accept risk investment countries

in 2014, the currency risk investment company far more than the first batch of 1995 Internet startups get investment, $335 million to $335 million, high and low state. Looking forward to 2015, according to the currency news resources network CoinDesk COINS of Thought leaders (bitcoins Thought Leader) annual survey, 83% of respondents believe that 2015 COINS startups will get more of the risk investment than in 2014.

this informal survey, respondents for COINS foundation in a small number of Daniel. Including analyst Gil Luria, professor of economics at New York university’s stern school of business financial David “mark (David Yermack), the financial times commentator Izabella Kaminska, COINS foundation director Jon Matonis, many people have accepted the investigation.

more business and consumer appeal

in the fourth quarter, Microsoft become the biggest retailers accept currency payment so far, the user can use COINS to top-up Xbox game, or buy mobile value-added services.

so far accept COINS to pay the biggest retailers

CoinDesk predicted that by the end of 2015, the number of merchants accept COINS to pay will be more than 14 m. But in just the past last quarter, the growth rate has slowed.

2014 currency payment business number is on the decline

in the fourth quarter of 1.4 million new coin purse, up 21% in the last quarter. Predicts the end of 2015, there will be 12 million COINS in total wallet.

current and forecast the number of COINS purse

COINS technology

in the fourth quarter of 2014, dig and difficulty in the currency fell for the first time in two years.

COINS mining difficulty appeared two years fell for the first time

CoinDesk previously reported, dig and difficulty of the currency decline may be associated with currency low price. Someone once rumors spread that the currency mining mergers and acquisitions are in trouble, with this kind of rumors intensified, we expect the currency prices are likely to be depressed levels to remain the same, and perhaps even continue to decline.

security is the key to the development of the currency. COINS related many companies are now on security issues, in order to enhance consumer confidence. Now, for example, more than 5% of the currency, have begun to use multiple signature technology.

regulation and overall

in the fourth quarter, the regulation of the currency gradually clear, New York, the introduction of the popular “revision” currency trading standard system “BitLicense”, now also didn’t see the new, major regulatory barriers.

COINS thought leaders, according to a survey of the international remittance is regarded as the most striking 2015 COINS one of use cases. When we put the average fee into consideration, and revising the “the currency Market Potential Index” (bitcoins Market Potential Index), will find that in sub-saharan Africa, is the fertile soil in currency trading.

the currency market potential index

at the same time, Africa is by far the currency regulated on the least region. However, there are few COINS startups will be based in Africa, or the development of the currency trading in Africa.

currency regulation map