2 habib gb: year-end bonuses: why do you want to send employees to each a tesla?

cloud network: hunting hunting cloud network first reported the day before yesterday afternoon is 2 habib gb WiFi master key employees each after a millions of tesla, causing heated debate in the industry, in praised at the same time some people question the sound. Therefore, 2 habib gb wrote explain tesla for the purpose of the annual bonus.

the author | 2 habib gb

these days, many people ask me about tesla.

really? Why do you do? actually, we think is very simple, now that you do so great this year, then we will give them a year-end bonuses, live up to their efforts to let everyone have a happy year.

send each one tesla will let every employee, of course, very happy, but for me, the more hope to give every employee a recognition. Recognition of wifi master key in just two years to grow as the largest software users, except WeChat more recognition of this group of people with wifi master key growth, this group of young people pay after 80, they created the miracle.

I also very grateful to have this opportunity to express respect for the colleague. I think, if the ma can know micro letter can have today’s achievement, also won’t mean a recognition, tesla will also sent.

fortunately, today I have realized that this is a team of miracles, also had time to do it.

why would choose to send the tesla?

WiFi master key is an innovative product, it created a new “free WiFi” market, we are pleased to see all the giants to enter the market, this is a sign that the market is thriving. Similarly, tesla is a innovation of the product, the activated because the tesla electric vehicle market for the first time, also broke through the traditional car industry rules .

tesla is innovation of car, the WiFi master key is the innovation product, the temperament and spirit is the same. When I want to choose a let employees unforgettable all one’s gift, I chose to tesla.

but behind all this there is a more important reason, is my respect for the talent and eager to .

I firmly believe that talent is the most important of a high-tech company, is also the only winning advantage. Since the ancients can money buy the horse bone, that why can’t I use tens of millions of yuan tesla, I respect for the talent to prove?

so, this is not a spelling wayward rich, but in the spelling a respect for the talent .

this paragraph of time, I often see on the Internet about industry development both in Beijing and Shanghai network analysis.

in my eyes, the Internet industry in Shanghai is the country’s Internet industry a bright spot, produced a lot of good companies here, excellent products, and excellent business model.

as Shanghai Internet practitioners, I don’t know Shanghai Internet industry lack of effort, lack of creativity, lack of funds.

however, there is a short board should not be ignored, Shanghai Internet workforce gap is very large compared with Beijing, which is both in Beijing and Shanghai Internet industry one of the important gap.

this is also I would like to send each of all employees a tesla’s power, we hope to show our respect for talent, with sincerity attracts more and more people come to Shanghai.

we are thirsty. Free wi-fi is an important trend of mobile network, as a pioneer and leader in this industry, we need to do a lot of things.

today we are looking for we are looking forward to more like-minded people together to Shanghai business, we need data mining experts, need to be experts in the field of advertising, need network operations and security experts, any jobs talents are our long for.

2014 tesla, is just the beginning.

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