2 habib gb: why WiFi master key for iPhone to release today

cloud network hunting note: recently, WiFi skeleton keys iPhone version in AppStore quietly on the online, the largest tool software, in the domestic various Dan an eminent store downloaded over hundreds of millions of time scale, users more than 5 . According to the China unicom, the android market and so on various major neutral authority statistics show that WiFi master key became the phone , QQ WeChat’s third largest after APP software. But what’s surprising is that in the android version online within two years, WiFi master key hasn’t been published iPhone version. Why two years, iPhone version to “late”? As industry renowned geek, even it is network founder and CEO 2 habib gb recently published an article “why WiFi skeleton keys iPhone edition being released today, honest to share the technical difficulties and creative solutions.

here are the original 2 habib gb:

in 2010, we have found a great opportunity, this is the hottest free WiFi today. In 2012, after several twists and turns of WiFi master key finally born, become the country’s first free WiFi Internet software and has been a huge success. In 2015, today, more and more attention to the direction of enterprise: abroad, Facebook launched Internet.org service, Google try to put a balloon around the world in the Project Loon Project, but in China, including BAT almost all well-known Internet companies have introduced a free WiFi service, is free WiFi is not only a business opportunity, but the whole industry, it also proved that the direction of the WiFi master key is correct.

(note: five days ago on January 14, 2015), we officially launched the iPhone version of WiFi master key, the answer a couple of years has been a lot of people ask me the question, why has not produced the iPhone version? It must be admitted that release time so late, bring the negative influence is obvious. First of all, on the apple’s app store, a variety of products using chunqiubifa counterfeit WiFi master key, therefore had lied to a lot of users, even all the year round to occupy the free list. More feel helpless, search “WiFi master key” appeared “guo degang collection” and the application of key words out of their bands. It is obvious that we missed a lot like our users.

second, we also became the investment circle of silence. Circle of friends are more than 85% of the investment Banks use iPhone, not the iPhone version cannot be entered the view of the investment bank. A real investment banking circles once happened, an investor in a massive investment parties, asked a question, “do you know the WiFi master key”? Results the response of people. But it does not conform to the master key market performance, so he decided to let his employees took to the streets in investigating the actual circumstances of the WiFi master key. No matter as a result, his employees in a taxi and go to the supermarket to buy things, go to a restaurant or ask the driver, ask the shop assistant, ask the clerk, a whopping 60% of people know or use WiFi master key. Caused by the reason of the difference of the two meet, just like we don’t have iPhone WiFi master key.

the problem here, why not on the iPhone before we release WiFi master key? In a word, the iOS system limitations. IOS system is closed, lack of the two important WiFi master key need API interface. First of all, the iPhone is not provided to the apple app list wi-fi hotspots near user interface, also does not provide the iPhone applications for WiFi connection interface. The two interfaces, is open on android and other systems. This leads to a WiFi master key can’t on the iPhone launch free WiFi services in android the same way. We’ve always thought, this strange closed because jobs have what idea. Then we saw a report, the United States a famous journalist Walt Mossberg said, one day, Mr. Jobs walk on the road, see a myriad of wi-fi hotspots and his iPhone but can’t get to the Internet, thought can let master share hot hot out? ……

however, we always believe that creativity is the ability to overcome all the difficulties of weapons. Over the years, our team of everyone is constantly thinking, constantly looking for solutions. A year ago, at last we use big data and cloud services to solve this problem, this is today’s WiFi master key for iPhone solution. First of all, don’t WiFi information listed on this problem, we take the GPS positioning and cloud services to solve. Since the apple is not willing to give, so we to provide. Through GPS positioning to the user’s location, and then from our huge billions of hot spots in the library to find the location of wi-fi hotspots, finally solved the problem of the WiFi list. After that, we took a year’s time, set up a billions of hot spot in library, finally the real hot hot spot information and data provided by the server is almost completely consistent.

this time, the technical man will say, GPS positioning is there will be a deviation. Yes, so we creative at the same time puts forward the screenshot of the connection way to make up for the shortage. Users in the “Settings” WiFi list after screenshots, open the image in the WiFi master key, will automatically identify, updated list of WiFi, let users get free WiFi around are accurate and can be connected. This is known as the OCR (optical character recognition) technology, it is mainly used for scanning business CARDS and documents. But we want to put the technology used in different places, so take it out on the “capture even WiFi” this function, let it be in even more interesting when WiFi. , according to a news we got WiFi master key, after the launch the iPhone version also found significantly increased the fake product downloads.

on your second question, we found an alternative method. Through the installation of the system to provide the interface description file, our success will be the cloud password, written into the cell phone records. Although we still can’t launch a WiFi connection, hot spot, but as a known password system started automatically connected. In the end, we use the method of a kind of very strange on the iPhone to achieve the mission impossible, launched a WiFi master key for iPhone.

however, a year’s time give us the hot accumulated a huge database, but also accumulated a great pressure. Today, when we launched the iPhone version found on AppStore has built up a lot of fake goods. Some products attract users, all in the name of our cannot provide WiFi master key the same quality of service. So when the user searches for “WiFi master key” now, our official version row after a lot of fake goods, to make our users can’t find the real thing, it is time to bring our costs.

but we always believe that good product is talking, users are voting with their feet, they will use their own actions, the fake goods out. Some of the data confirmed our ideas. When we launched the iPhone version on the first day, without publicity, WiFi master key was rushed to the AppStore tools software, 139, the second day has come to the position of the 17, today, I woke up in the morning, a lot of people to the information I sent congratulations, originally the WiFi master key already fifth in the total list for free in AppStore.

we like such feeling, one step a footprint of walk every day, a firm go on. We firmly believe that advertising is not necessary for successful product, but the excellent quality of the product itself is a necessary element of success. User is ultimately vote with their feet, they will choose the best products, this is we have always firmly believe that, although WiFi master key is also the past two years didn’t do propaganda, the main reason that has created a miracle. Today, on apple, we still won’t waste time to publicize, our club some force is used to optimize product.



good product will talk!