16 words: focus on outbound travel online travel community, UGC mode to provide travel and optimization scheme

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in China, travel around this level of trillions of big market, there are too many user requirements need to be met. The market is enough big, big enough to accommodate dozens of listed companies. Companies cut into the travel industry to help users solve the problem of point is different, have the key to solve the problem of user travel accommodation, such companies including ctrip, elong, where to go, road, etc., are the key to solve the problems of the scenic spot ticket, this kind of companies, including the donkey mother, head, with cheng network, etc., there is also a key to provide users with or optimize the travel plan, this kind of travel companies including bread, cicada travels, poor them, hornet’s nest, and so on.

in the near future, cloud network hunting noticed a named “16” product, 16 times is a focus of outbound travel online community, through the travel notes, question and answer for the user to provide or optimization of outbound travel solutions, focus on solve the problem of travel content contribution and user communication. If from this perspective, the vertical travel community and 16 similar positioning of travel including bread, cicada travel notes, etc.

“16 times similar parts to bread travel, cicada travels are doing travel agency, to help users solve the problem of the basic similar, is method is different, they may be more is the way to write travel notes, more inclined to show, more here is the form of questions and answers, and then planned to travel user solve the problem of travel guide.” 16 He Minsi founder said.

16 times website screenshot:

He Minsi to hunt cloud network, said that because of the characteristic of the outbound tourism low frequency time, a lot of travel vertical community of users keep degree is low, the travel after the end of a lot of loss, and users under the travel scene is actually there is a strong social demand, 16 times a month, according to the destination to open the post “companion”, there is a lot of people leave their time and schedule planning, hoping to find similar trip people traveling, at present this kind of travel demand is far from being the present community satisfaction.

it is reported that 16 times was established in early 2012, the current team a total of 17 people, most of our team are for developers, mainly after 90. 16’s team of its own product development and continuous innovation ability and social media operations more confident. He Minsi to hunt cloud network said, “because our unique understanding of travel agency pay and customer pain points, the 16 times of mobile phone client and the web site is unique in the travel community, and to the development of the small investment have achieved good results. In addition, 16 times weibo operating system travel activity is higher than all, WeChat public also ranks high, nearly a month must independent users access to the current site.” According to 16 times to provide the relevant data, cloud network hunting think its comparison with relevant enterprises still have certain advantages. Here are 16 times to provide the relevant data:

similar to 16’s position and function of enterprise financing situation is introduced:

it is understood that the development direction of 16 times will adhere to travel as the center of community innovation, and maintain the mobile client last iteration. Are also likely to be involved in the “O2O sharing economy” in the process of travel. At present already has a certain income, the profit model mainly includes two modes for downstream website diversion and advertising. 16 now launched A round of funding program, previously did not have the financing.

note: the data provided by the 16 times, hunting cloud network data to do any form of endorsement.

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