12 inch MacBook detail evaluation: make changes more acceptable than expected

12 inch MacBook last month officially went on sale in apple’s official website, believes that many consumers want to deep understanding of this laptop and then decide whether to buy, in this paper, the author from the keyboard, touch panel, battery life, and many other details, introduced in the use of the experience of testing machine after a period of time.

new MacBook every detail as in screaming: “we are the future”, but the masses can accept?

this is also when I review the question when the new version of apple Mac, it breakthrough configured with a USB – C interface, only to have both charging and data transmission, connecting fittings or an external monitor, etc. MacBook with Intel processor Core M series, the minimum energy consumption and is no fan of design, but this is all of ability to sacrifice a part of the processor. Apple did some risk, but the MacBook now may is my favorite of all the Mac.

Based configuration

? 12 inches (diagonal) display, a resolution of 2304 x 1440 (226 ppi)

? M 1.1 GHz dual-core Intel Core processors (up to 2.4 GHz overclocking)

? Intel HD Graphics Graphics processor 5300

? 8 gb 1600 MHZ LPDDR3 onboard memory

? Based on the PCIe 256 gb onboard flash

? 480 p FaceTime camera

? 802.11 ac wi-fi wireless networks, bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

? USB port – C support: data transmission, connects the monitor, networking and charging

? The 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

? The Force Touch trackpad

? Built-in 39.7 watt-hours lithium polymer battery, support for 9 hours wireless network browsing, 10 hours iTunes offline video playback

? Suggested retail price: $1299

? Now open sale

advantages to

amazing portability

amazing display


there is only one interface


there is no doubt that in the context of design feeling, this is the best on the market of notebook computer. Graceful full aluminium body, integrated all the pivot of the metal plus three different color choices, can be said to be the most beautiful laptop on the market at present. Anyone see my hand testing machine are addicted to it, this is only based on appearance. I reviewed is gray, next to the old MacBook series on it immediately appear bleak.

discussion about design if stop here I’m actually happy relaxed, but there are so many amazing details don’t introduce it’s too bad. Such as aluminum and will replace the previous metal one-piece plastic pivot on Mac laptops, seems to be just a small change, but it really improved the design feeling, let the MacBook is like a hidden in a perfect processed metal in the computer.

and rarely in the fuselage interface also increased the aesthetic feeling, otherwise only configure a USB – C interface and a 3.55 mm headphone jack and what other intention, of course, is the external structure to make it look more beautiful. In fact this may make consumers began to yearn for, looking forward to one day the laptop will be completely give up physical interface.

the apple MacBook significance is extraordinary, just need to see so many computer parts are compressed in a tiny space. The fuselage is only 13.1 mm thick, weighs 2 pounds (about 907 g), it is only the first generation of the half pounds (about 227 g), but 3 mm thick (MacBook the thickest place). When I pick it up for the first time, I couldn’t help feeling actually compared to apple notebook, it has more in common with the tablet, and when I put it effortlessly in the backpack flat sandwich, no longer like before when using a laptop, this feeling is more intense.

outstanding design and other related elements include keyboard backlighting, after each key cap has independent LED, the effect is much better than before. 12 inch retina screen surrounded by black border is much smaller, it is also to enhance general charm of credit. Also, the MacBook can easily turn the lid in one hand, this effect is generally thought that we will in the machines will be thinner.


Force Touch trackpad

new Force of the MacBook Touch trackpad is apple can create the notebook a typical representative of the new technology, the touchpad is not past mechanical click mechanism, but the user is able to obtain similar to click on the feedback of experience, this is because it has the tactile feedback of engine “taptic”, apple will give users a similar vibration response. The engine will create a very instinctive reaction, with or without pressure, really the fingertips will have a click feeling.

I have written in my recent 13 inch MacBook Pro discussed some measurements, the Force Touch trackpad tactile feedback and the old model will “click” sound is not the same, but after a period of adaptation, feel also not bad too much, after all, can feel the “click” and the effect is always the same (although the principle is different).

trackpad also supports a according to the function of the pressure and identify different instructions (force touch), such as the second click or strength greater pressure represent different behavior, like open a dictionary entry or preview site in Safari. By the way, the third party developers can also be (for now) research developed a new interactive applications to use.

although the touchpad is zero mechanical operation, but still feel unusual click.

new MacBook touchpad still need some time to adapt, but soon you will forget that it is completely changed, if you’re like me, you will find yourself using force touch function to consult the dictionary is far beyond your imagination.


like touchpad, apple also redesigned MacBook keyboard, this is done in order to thin that it is hard to imagine the fuselage. They use a new type of butterfly architecture keyboard to replace the traditional scissors foot structure, which makes every key thin by 40%. Means that every time the extent of the press is very shallow, but apple also pointed out that the stability of the keyboard is wonderful, whether it is in the edge or knock knock intensity can be accurately identified.

new keyboard and touchpad still have one thing in common, need some time to adapt. Its key travel even with those former MacBook series shorter than too much. I think to be proficient in the keyboard to fit the time it takes far more than the touchpad, but this is not a big problem.

apple has completed a full size keyboard, because of the small and thin body so size is very limited. Hard to say the new butterfly keyboard or larger has established benefits are the key cap, but I bet the new architecture comfort has a lot to do with the keyboard.

this and I adapt to use different kinds of feeling is not the same as the keyboard to work, just need to realize that I’m not in the Mac keyboard hard work in the company, now I think in a new MacBook is like in the home the apple laptop.

keyboard backlighting is also a big breakthrough, after each keyboard has a LED, in the darkness of the environment also has good visibility, but in the overall appearance more beautiful, light seems to pay more attention on the user, so don’t disturb the others.

a USB – C interface

although new input hardware such as a keyboard or touchpad is redesigned, but its most dramatic change, at least from the point of view of the user interaction, should be only one interface and transmission and the function of charging. This in a MacBook on the left side of the USB – C interface debut at is controversial, I also pay great attention to in the process of testing.

but surprisingly, I found that I actually almost imperceptibly the fact that there is only one interface. In daily use it makes me feel like those other laptops, including professional and classic models.

but there is one thing I need to remind, can choose to use desktop when I go home, so if you need is can run a lot or can be in the office and at home to connect many parts of the computer, the interface will certainly become a big problem. But as long as they have tools to support a variety of functions, that would be less a lot of trouble, but now it is the user especially advanced users time using a computer you have to think about.

apple provide USB – C can be converted into USB 3.0 laptop adapter, the retail price is $19 in the apple online store, it is also shown that when I need to connect accessories when this is the only thing I need. I’m only a few times, connect the SD card reader, video into Final Cut Pro, and insert the USB – to – XLR mic adapter, to record voice and video podcasts.


via USB charging – C interface is a very interesting thing, unlike MagSafe, the charging interface connection is tight, that is to say, may accidentally stumble into the line, putting a laptop to the ground and broke. For apple, they didn’t consider this problem caused by the risk, but it doesn’t give me too much inconvenience: I could like to iOS devices to treat the new MacBook, will it pull down from the power socket used during the day, then insert the head of a bed in the evening near the power outlet.

MagSafe compared, it may let you bother to some, such as where is the new MacBook charging or power supply plug in. But apple also made some changes, with a subtle way to guide you to easily treated: for example, when inserted into the power socket will not have a light or external light, this is the same with MagSafe. However, when you connect it to power on, the new emits an apple device trademark “recharge” prompt, this kind of information will give your brain a subconscious view it as a mobile device. If the computer is in standby, then connect the charger when you will find that the screen shows the charging icon, this is also a symbol of iOS device.



when I begin to contact the new prospect of it is not too high, more specifically, it is expected to deal with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro tasks such as unable to meet the needs of my more “professional”. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull