11 inches figure, 13 inch screen: dell XPS 13 indicate laptop in the future

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cloud network hunting note: for decades, notebook manufacturers go to great lengths to develop products that can meet all user needs, for now, Dell XPS 13 and her revolutionary design for us to show the future the trend of the development of the laptop. Dell, the RMB 8000 (not calculate tariffs) super this can be achieved with the price of desktop computing power.

for decades, notebook manufacturers have been trying to develop a can meet the demand of all users of laptops: she wants to extreme thin, can be packed in carry-on bag; She should have the stamina battery, can be in without external power supply easily maintain working status more than a day; She also needs to have exceeded the mainstream smart phones, tablets, or other portable devices computing power; At the same time, she looks must be cool, oh, by the way, if we can have a 13 inch display is better, but she is never too big.

new launch of Dell XPS13 is can satisfy the expectations of users demanding: despite the size of the XPS 13’s 11 inches standard standard fashion, but her 13 inch display to satisfy the users desire for the big screen. Dell told her slogan is “global minimum 13-inch laptop”, as its speech way, whether it is a 13 inch MacBook Air relative apple or other 13 inches, the size of the XPS 13 has extremely obvious reduction.

XPS 13 with low version of the price is $799 ($5000), there are two optional configuration: standard edition 1080 p a touch-screen version and a 3200 x1800 pixels touch screen version. Two configurations are utilizing the “infinite” technology, Dell is extremely delicate screen borders, this technology allows Dell to bring users on the same equipment is relatively more general equipment more perfect show experience.

I personally tend to 11 inches laptop: for me, they are easy to carry features than their 13 inches competitors can provide big screen keyboard is much worth it. But a laptop with a 13 inch monitor, the answer is clearly to buy buy buy buy! This a Dell XPS 13 introduced such a concept. In the past few weeks I tried the XPS 13 touch-screen version (incredibly touch screen upgrade to $500), I believe that the XPS 13 all represents the future developing trend of the laptop, but unfortunately, the only trend.

with a smaller notebook platform to run a large display is simply a genius idea, it’s hard for me to understand why until now the factory really make such a model. This laptop computer is not only easy to carry, placed in the small dining table of the thigh and aircraft are also more convenient, also can be in a normal size briefcase, travel is simple and crude with XPS 13 more attractive than the average notebook. Although according to calculations of Dell XPS 13 than apple MacBook Air 13 inches total volume 23% smaller, but they have the size of display, because the actual screen display technology XPS 13 infinite even bigger. If the XPS 13 there is one thing the innovation to change the world, that is the big screen small platform solution.

succeeded Dell XPS 13 – I work in a normal traditional brillant brightness often choose the brightness of the 70% to 80%, under the use of this he still provides a very good viewing Angle. I use the touch screen version of the offer is 3200 x 1800 pixel screen, but even if you don’t cut the hands touch screen that upgrade, the original standard edition 1080 p display performance is still outstanding. Windows8.1 in hd screen resolutions of the default Settings icon is too much for some, simple cut one can make you get a better display when using experience. XPS 13 display system inherited the Dell has excellent performance, absolutely worth having.

there are countless directly copying the design of the apple MacBook Air notebook, but has its own unique design of XPS 13, her unique edges and very delicate polishing aluminum gives the user the aesthetic experience that find everything new and fresh. XPS 13 is very beautiful, is different from the commonly used pale silver apple, she tend to deep the mass-tone attune of the silver, at the same time, the black keyboard and trackpad also brought a unique visual experience. At the same time, the aluminum layer on XPS panel made a soft handle, let hand feels more comfortable compared to the simple metal, at the same time, the fingerprint and stains and much harder to leave a mark in these beautifully made of metal.

the virgo, if you really want to than the XPS 13, or MacBook Air and all kinds of super in the specific size of the gap, but I want to tell you, the size of the XPS 13 really much thinner than what’s this. Her 9 mm thick framework can easily into my briefcase, as for the touch screen, but also just 2.8 pounds (1.27 KG) of weight, and I also can carry, I care about the kind of son formation (due).

Dell in the XPS 13 design the only mistake is the position of the camera. Camera is designed on the lower left side of the display, the display position adjustment for the video chat become especially. At the same time, while I was in the video, my fingers will frequently blocked in the process of typing cameras, this is very let a person really. I think Dell should put the camera on top, like all laptops, even so want to add a few millimeters in thickness I also don’t mind.

despite the modelling of novel ultra-thin XPS 13, she still have two USB 3.0 interface, an SD card interface (11 inches this apple, and forget the equipment of the project), and a miniature optical drive. So don’t get me wrong, XPS 13 have everything all computer hardware equipment, rather than through cuts for ultra-thin defective goods. At the same time, she also has a convenient button and a row of LED lights, can let users in the case of don’t open the computer I know that the battery status. The whole machine is the only thing missing is a HDMI interface, but almost all the size of the computers are not equipped with HDMI interface. (Dell sales at the same time one can access the USB interface and XPS 13 will signal is converted to a HDMI signal) of the fit at the same time, the performance of the microphone is also very good, the biggest volume and sensitivity test shows that he surpassed the vast majority of super this microphone in the market.

in XPS 13 11 inches laptop keyboard is a kind of unique comfortable experience – the backspace key smaller than general keyboard, and other key and general keyboard size. At the same time, Dell was placed on the keyboard of XPS 13 backlighting system, in the dark environment, such as a small wooden or long flight, the input of the feel is objective been improved.

unfortunately, XPS 13 of the touchpad is not so good, although it is also expected. XPS 13 trackpad is a large, soften the processed glass work, you can click on the Microsoft precise touchpad. Basically every touch panels are based on Windows system is so filled with Tony and driver software. Two fingers action control often a problem: sometimes she is very good, sometimes no response, the mouse pointer when I was typing will jump to the screen in the middle, and for the mouse to click the response and sensitivity. In theory, it is 2015, basically, no one will be on a laptop is external mouse, but in the tortured by touch system after a period of time, I will give my XPS 13 connected to a mouse.

software, XPS 13 comes with Windows 8.1, however, we believe that they have no reason to not Win 10 provide corresponding upgrade after the release. Rare is she gave up many automatic software installed in less than the rest of my life, refreshing, however, big rascal McCafe (McAfee) trial version is still an exasperating one at that.

we mentioned the first paragraph all look for in a laptop and two is sturdy batteries and super computing performance. Users are expecting can use without charging laptop all day. I5 processors and 8 gb of memory (touch screen version of the configuration and basic configuration is 4 gb of memory and i3 processor) basic can handle daily with all tasks, including games. Even such as Chrome and PS are extremely sensitive to memory and computation ability in the software can still work perfectly on the XPS 13. As a super this, not surprisingly, his basic hardware cannot be upgraded through the usual channels, however, this kind of performance is for ordinary people is more than enough within five or six years.

under the computing power, battery life, naturally, have been killed. Dell as the basic configuration of XPS 13 has 11 hours of battery life, touch-screen version has 11 hours of battery life. And from my personal experience, Dell just said a number. Touch-screen version can have five hours without charging the ability to work thank goodness. Within I use XPS 13 weeks, she had never been in not insert the power cord under the environment of work for more than six hours, I always want to keep the charging status at work, while other people’s computers can easily do last 11 to 13 hours. XPS 13 battery life is really too bad, of course, Dell is willing to sell a mobile power price is $119.99 (the power supply can also be used to recharge the phone), but even if I hand cut the power expansion pack, it and XPS 13 combined battery life is no more than 10 hours.

if any conclusion we can conclude from XPS 13 that, that is the future of super nature is very cool. There is no doubt that other from Dell notebook manufacturing chamber of commerce, especially from XPS 13 unique screen design, draw inspiration. In the future we will see more and more laptops have smaller framework and relatively large display system.

as for XPS 13 itself, his disappointing battery life and mediocre made him touch panel is not especially outstanding in other super this choice, though he has very excellent performance and approachable price. There are many other notebook in both points, I can’t ignore other options for Dell.

as poor laptop tablet in recent years, hybrid products constantly to show, the world has entered into after the PC era, it is obvious that the return of the personal computer is overwhelming. XPS 13 is the first batch of returning to the design of the personal computer, then set off a wave. , the revival of the laptop is just beginning.

Source: TheVerge

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