107 financing evening news: intelligent platform that rent a house, car loans and other financing

hunting cloud network on April 22 (word/WeiWen)

smart renting angel round 107 ten million yuan investment platform, for HongTai fund investment. 107 is a direct connection between the tenant and the landlord rental real intelligence platform, focused on Beijing university graduates and young white-collar workers. Housing completely online spontaneously by the user, and independent research and development to the “my neighbor totoro mediation recognition system” to filter intermediary housing or tenants.

“red sox” global purchasing platform must level Pre – A round of funding, this round of financing capital investment by racing. The money will be mainly used for the global smart shopping system research and development, the development of overseas strategic alliance website cooperation, and mobile product development and promotion, to provide users subsidies in order to enhance the user experience, etc.

P2P Internet financial car can borrow 12 million angels, by pegasus fund and quinoa venture investment. Car can have their own unique P2P Internet financial model, which not only has the characteristics of high yield, for investors, convenient operation, and don’t have to wait in line, only a car can lend website, choose hope investment borrowing needs to invest.

fine arts education O2O art treasure to A round of investment 30 million yuan, by blue ventures collar, and suitable for the capital. Art treasure on the APP provides students online counseling, guidance, a large number of image material, fine arts, art colleges and universities information system course, and other functions.

third-party electricity consumer finance companies flash white angel round received $5 million investment, investors not released. The relevant person in charge of ious said, the raise funds will be used to strengthen the big data and risk control technology research and development and user operation.

youth social network Shots Of Me $8.5 million for a new round Of financing, by China VC WI Harper led, Launch, such as ginseng. Between users can’t see each other how many fans, have direct messages but can’t see the public comments – the user can only use images to reply. Shots just push a new feature is to allow users to upload a video 3 seconds.

application secondhand clothing trading Poshmark won a $25 million round of funding, C to participate in this round of financing have Mayfield, Menlo Ventures, Inventus Capital, the Union Grove Venture Partners, etc. Poshmark goal is to get the old garment trading into mobile phones, make mobile and convenient second-hand clothing trading platform.

Ensogo won $29.2 million in a new round of financing, e-commerce companies by a group of institutional investors to invest in Asia and Australia, existing investors and Chinese online discount retailers only Vipshop were cast out with. The main business scope is located in the southeast Asia and Hong Kong Ensogo.

based on SaaS (software as a service) customer support services company Freshdesk won a $50 million round of funding, E this round of financing by existing investors Tiger Global led, other investors have Accel Partners and Google Capital. This round of funding to help companies optimize product, and expand business scale.

ali pictures, spent 830 million acquisition of guangdong branch software

pictures, alibaba group announced that two days, the successful bid for 830 million yuan cash guangdong guangdong branch of software engineering co., LTD. Guangdong branch software listed in the southwestern united assets and equity exchange in March this year 100% stake in the transfer of company, the listed price is RMB 180 million, ali pictures, nearly 5 times the price of purchasing a guangdong software.

58 home announced several investment

58 home 2.0 conference, 58 home CEO announced the half-dozen xiao-hua Chen breath investment, including the home, to massage, 58 month sister-in-law, tutter wash the car and 58 practice partner. 58 city chief strategy officer, xiao-hua Chen is also in the charge of his 58 city investment fund in around 2014, he said at the news conference last year in the field of O2O overall investment amount at $600 million.

blackberry acquisition data security companies in the United States WatchDox

announced blackberry will acquire California WatchDox data security company, to strengthen the blackberry mobile security, and give the customer greater control of its file. WatchDox main development file protection software, allowing users to control how their file, edit, copy, print or by also allows administrators to lock files, it is forbidden to access the hacker tamper with the file. WatchDox software mainly by some large countries, private-equity firms and used by Hollywood studios.

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