1 mada: secondary yuan worth looking forward to a bomb in illustration art community


a sack, hereinafter referred to as “1 mada”, hangzhou dream network technology co., LTD., its products, specialized in ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) as the theme of the ACG illustration social service platform.

“our PC has not been updated, many say 1 mada looks weak.” 1 madaceo and zhuang people (nickname: new world shi wang) bite a straw, with his hands in the air of a big circle: “1 mada in August to the market of PC, APP, web side, will be a big surprise.”

this year 2.17 day launched 1 mada, vertical illustration art community, with Japan website pixiv prototype. Compared to earlier have a need to bear, and a half times yuan painting channel, 1 mada content more vertical, focus on two dimensional illustrations. Not frame system of flood day diffuse boundaries, unlimited originality and creation in the form of a human, not reject any painting style.

after 90 and zhuang people study in the United States after graduating from high school, 13 years after returning to do a series of market research, with the team into all kinds of exhibition and the offline activities. There are several partners’ team was back from the United States business together. In the second disease, is to do things for dreams we gather in a, and zhuang people laugh, “” blibli boom is an example of diffuse illustration is also a big market.”

day diffuse in China has a vast market. “Secondary yuan industry also has a ‘ ‘mode, is not a painter and technology of China is lower than their a level, diffuse inside many painters are Chinese. So we need is the integration of ideas and technology.” And zhuang people, saying, “we are doing such a thing, want the painting to create value.”

1 mada mode is polymerization painter at early stage, the introduction of light novels, and then put the two integration into the market. China’s existing animation tend to be carried out, in 80, 90, after watching cartoons diffuse relatively empty inside. Good cartoons will survive, don’t know which would be the market through a critical point that nots allow to ignore.

1 mada oriented groups, one is the game makers, companies, etc., the second is painting mechanism of high school, third, universities anime society, these customers will provide first-hand frontier market consulting, user feedback will also promote 1 mada every level improvement.

in the traditional form, the painter resources only through weibo, post bar, QQ group to find. 1 mada community early painters, from cloud subtitle group drainage and polymerization of a group of fans in the industry have a certain basis of painters. Painter inside the new version will be in the form of digital ID, before the new version is launched, their inner feedback can promote team better improvement.

the early stage of the community is given priority to with PGC. They are likely to become each big diffuse fair cooperation, open up the online mall. In August the do concentration after the big version online promotion, any people, saying, “the second yuan high stickiness, wishes to expand and improve the a industrial chain in the future.”

and tell hunting zhuang cloud network, 1 mada team members of the existing 12 people, at the same time welcome more technical team with love, talent, capital of harassment.