1.2 billion yuan in the first finance and economics, ali is aimed at big data business opportunities

regarding alibaba stake in the first finance and economics, there is the news yesterday, today was finally filled the things.

today with Shanghai group (SMG) cooperation signing ceremony, alibaba group announced $1.2 billion in the first finance and economics, with the latter data services jointly explore the market potential is tremendous.

according to the content of the agreement the two sides, the two sides will give full play to their respective resource advantages in the field of medium and large data, joint SMG’s first finance media co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “first finance and economics”), as has the global influence of the new digital media and financial information services group.

as a first step of cooperation, the first finance and economics, new media technology co., LTD has been set up, investment research information system construction, the financial data of mobile terminal product development, Internet financial think-tank form of business in advance.

alibaba is now the world’s largest commercial data company, in the electrical business, finance, logistics, health, culture and other fields has accumulated huge data, but most of these data is still stay in ali system flow. Data flow can play value, only construct data sharing mechanism and products, improve data utilization efficiency, make the data to better serve the economic and life, can we truly make social comprehensive and balanced development in the era of data, improve the efficiency and quality of all kinds of business activities.

the cooperation will become a social construct an important step in data. The first finance and economics will be big in alibaba business, on the basis of data and other business data sources, according to their own strong professional ability to analyze and integrate, media everything for large data, information and customized applications as an opportunity, on the one hand, to expand the depth and breadth of financial media business development on the one hand, actively explore the path of the large commercial data, implement the DT era of new media changes.

at present, the two sides has carried out substantive cooperation in many fields. Including: based on alipay has hundreds of millions of users, the first finance and economics have become the stock system of information service, the first financial wealth management information will soon have a land phone taobao; Based on the data of DT in the mobile terminal is to research and development of finance and economics, in August this year is expected to launch; Part of alibaba electrical integration of big data mining, the two sides will jointly issued this month, the first domestic consumption in China big data report; Industry professionals and experts of the Internet financial think tank will be set up in the near future.

in addition, the two sides will also collect the whole market of multivariate data, build the Chinese unique high quality business big data service platform, database, index, data information, research reports, and other forms of products, to enhance the policy and academic research, business decisions, investment reference, consumer guide the whole society in various fields such as digital service levels.

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