【 sole 】 : the main light outdoor, heavy social, depth of ofo: riding, only hunting millions of angel investment capital

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domestic tourism products are in publicity to the tourists to live star hotel, luxury dinner, experience how good, with ofo: friends ofo: riding more hope every ride, can be moved back. Ofo: riding tired of traditional join the swim team, is willing to exercise 18 to 50 years old of middle-aged and young traveler, to provide a light outdoor, heavy social, depth vernier mode of cycling tour. Team exclusive told cloud network hunting, hunting only capital ofo: riding millions RMB angel financing .

driving too slow, walk too fast, ride just right. As the most healthy way of travel, cycling tourists can fully enjoy every minute in the process of tourism. Back ride communication to help each other, bike and felt. But has been riding products on the market at present high threshold, accommodation and with no difference between group tour, and lack of features, the lack of sense of belonging. Ofo: riding want ride to become simple, let the tour interesting.

at present, the domestic riding tourism market is still in cultivation, so ofo: riding in the user guide fluctuation kongfu, such as guide users before we start scientific exercise; Riding in providing professional gear for your body, and explain the riding skills, etc. In order to ensure safety, ofo: riding requires designer in the planning, field lighting) for details. In addition, cycling, guarantee car will follow all the way, make sure no one team.

ofo: riding three founders are cycling enthusiasts from Beijing university. Most team currently has 10 staff, employees have rich experience in cycling. CEO Dai Wei is Peking University guanghua school of management, finance undergraduate college class of 2013, a former school student body President of Peking University, also has a food industry of entrepreneurial experience, and co-founder of the third Xue Ding is bicycle association of Peking University together. COO with CEO zhang have butyl Dai Wei is great moment for riding an acquaintance. Camping in the ride to the phoenix valley, storm two people sharing a back-to-back cushion, never have forged profound friendship. Another partner Xue Ding because “spirit erguotou therapy”. Zhang third reading in an outdoor cycling speed is too fast and the car and the waist bruise a large, sprinkle the spirit erguotou Xue Ding is directly wound, the simple and crude spilled spirit erguotou, has become a business partner on the road.

ofo: its name because the three letters together like bicycle very much. “We think that the name of a company means the company’s culture gene, although many do cycling related companies in China, but these are too popular or Chinese company name, do not have the characteristics of globalization, the pictographic meaning ofo: take the bike, the most conforms to the people of the world’s understanding of bicycle,” COO copies have butyl convective cloud network said.

in addition, the third zhang ding said that under the domestic ctrip and wizard has riding tourism sector, but less line, professional and social difference, by contrast, ofo: riding bike product lines, themes, no threshold, rich, strong engagement and professional leader and logistical support. Domestic existing App, ride a bike, and black bird but the user is not active, to record the trajectory and the line is given priority to, when cycling operation is not very convenient.

at present, the western front ofo: riding Taiwan east riding, riding, hainan southeast yunnan riding has completed the first stage activities, product sales more than hundreds of thousands of yuan. Ofo: in shenzhen has also explored the fast effective promotion mode, ofo: site and WeChat development will also be launched in the near future, and the future development direction are mainly social, more is the construction of cycling. Now with cycling association, garage, club to establish relations of cooperation, integration of offline riding resources, design line, form a complete set of resources, to promote and complete product sales. Smart bike field, research and development of baidu Dubike, 700 bike city intelligent bike on r&d, the kyrgyz to Bici has listed, ofo: also plans through its cooperation in the future.

at present, China’s bicycle ownership of about 500 million, including sports riding a population of 5 million, only 1%. Riding consumption grew by an average of more than 38% since 2012, nearly 2 million people a year to try riding. Cycling population grew by an average of 40% a year over the next three years at least 8 million new bike users, riding up to 13 million the total number of users. Three years later, China riding the size of the market is expected to reach 15 billion USD/year.

a third butyl convective cloud network, said: “but the Chinese people for cycling and riding tourism consciousness is not strong enough, you need to do to ride the company common user education. Entrepreneurship is like riding, sometimes, you feel very good, but carelessly, ravines pit, you will be overturned. Business on the way of friendship, like riding the teammates, let you don’t give up. As long as enough, without rest, luminous summits, eventually can be reached.”