【 sole 】 drive China: theme making platform, has completed 5 million angels

(text/Zheng Dian)

with the development of social economy, China’s tourism industry has entered a golden period of development. In the first quarter of this year alone, tourist trips up to 1.28 billion. The development of tourism industry makes people to travel more and more high quality requirements. Is different from the traditional group tour, self-driving cars because of its freedom, and the characteristics of flexible and comfortable, is now more popular way of travel. The tourism market of hot lead to the development of a series of tourism platform, and to develop a suitable for real consumers travel plan is the key to winning.

“drive China” is a theme road network platform, belonging to the xian fairchild network technology co., LTD. Hunting cloud network, the platform launched in March 2014, seed capital of 2 million yuan, in September last year for auditions holdings in 5 million angel round has launched A round of funding plan.

“drive” China is committed to making a product release and exchange, pioneering O2O mode into tourism network platform. Through the qualification licensing and function of the group of the Internet, any individual can open “individual subject line” on the platform, as a “leader” to launch the original theme activities, such as photography, food, culture, sports, etc.

xi ‘an fairchild network technology co., LTD., established in December 2013, formerly known as fairchild studio was founded in 2009. Now have “China” zijia website and weibo, micro letter platform and mature offline executive team, mobile terminal APP has just released last month. Companies relying on the theme of drive product concept, through social marketing to build a small boutique, for high-end travel enthusiasts in the global drive to provide one-stop services.

founder xiao-lin li told hunting cloud network: “research and development of the initial stage of APP experience makes us accumulated elite from all walks of life to resources and users of millions of angels. In 2013, we began a road for China market research, the product research and development, and conglobation tests, in pursuit of differentiation, personalized travel today, makes the new trend of drive travel from the source head. Team now has 67 people, including operations, technology department, finance department and human resources, of which 70% are after 90.”

xiao-lin li to introduce cloud network hunting, “China” zijia product team through various channels for the life of skilled talent agencies and club, outdoor team leader, characteristics, and then put their expertise of grafting to the travel route, forming the unique theme making products, finally through the official website for recruitment. Travel planner team will be responsible for product design, development and updated. “Particularly travel” is a “drive China’s” cultural brand, similar to an interest community, is committed to spread in different life circle ox people, sharing and colorful life. The word “special” from xiao-lin li take a walk at the edge of the walls of inspiration: like walls and house, everyone needs a circle, the Chinese the most exquisite thing is circle, a circle and have a sense of security, and “extra” means to experience life outside of the grid.

hunting cloud network learned that “China” zijia website online, visitors has reached 1 million, theme products with more than four hundred, and is benign growth at the rate of one a day. Product number has explosive growth this year, is expected by the end of the year increased to around 2000, covering more than a dozen theme, developed into a variety of way to travel platform.

“drive China’s” core competence is a complete business closed loop, charge 10% of each dough route as information management fees, other income shall be owned by the team leader. Company is working with third party service agency and supplier negotiation strategic cooperation, the future will be in nine operations centre in the country, radiation more than 3000 stores.

xiao-lin li said, “China” zijia, advocating the idea of “the kind of person, to see the other people of the world”, from the level it is feelings. Future product research and development will be more diversified, more depth, more localized, to provide users with high-quality, ground travel products.